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//42 ChasePlane Full - V1.2.41 - [FSX] - [FSX:SE] - [P3D] - [P3D4] - [P3D5]

Experience virtual flight like never before with our advanced camera system for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D. You'll never look at your plane the same again.

ChasePlane include revolutionary features like an In-Sim View Selector, full camera control, including roll axis and zoom, Cinematic Mode, realistic turbulence and so much more.

How to Install?

1.Remove all old chaseplane files (so files in Roaming (folder named oldprop) and in Program Files x86)) including those still running vfx central
2.Drop program files x86 in C root
3.Drop AppData in C/Users/Username
4.Now you can block inbound/outbound not really required
5.When running it for the first time select "Release Candidate" as the version option 

Running chaseplane

1.First thing first always start chaseplane before starting P3D, if you dont you will not be able to run 
2.When the screen for License Verification Failed comes up, click on the cross on top right do not click the green tick
3.Now you should be able to access everything 
4.If lets say for some reason it crashed and you have to restart, this time you wont have a cross, but you can still access camera through the middle mouse button and keybinds

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