Flight Factor, Boeing 767-300 ER Professional - V.1.3.3 - XPlane11

Perfected Flight model

Accurate flight model, as close as it gets to real performance. Tested by real pilots and translated to X-Plane
A dynamic and customizable center of gravity that depends on actual cargo and passenger load

Fully Functional Professional FMS and EFIS System

Custom Flight Management Computer, integrated with other plane systems.
Custom programmed LNAV logic for terminal procedures from updatable database.
VNAV-managed climbs and descends.
Optimum cruise performance and step climb calculation.
Two independent analogue instrument sets for captain and first officer.
Two independently simulated EFIS (EADI/EHSI configuration) for captain and first officer.
Dual-FMS with two independently working CDUs.
Working instrument comparators.
Triple IRS and triple symbol generator systems with realistic instrument source switching.
Dual air-data computers with custom failure modes and source switching.
Independent 2 nav and an ILS receivers.
Realistic inertial, radio and GPS position updating, you can see the individual inaccuracies of those systems.
Triple-channel autopilot with realistic dependencies.
Fail operational and fail passive auto land with mode degradations based on system failures.
Load company routes generated by Professional FlightPlanner X (or other compatible programs) directly into the FMC.
FMC can be used on external touchscreen or tablet, optimized for the Retina iPad.

Custom Systems and Failure model

Detailed and deep simulation of almost every system in the real aircraft.
Custom air and pressure system.
Electrical system with all AC and DC busses modeled - see which system depends on which bus.
Hydraulic system that uses a little fluid when treated correctly and a lot of fluid if used incorrectly.
Multistage custom failure system - over 200 more failures than X-Plane. Exclusive feature
Ability to fix failure by following proper procedure.
Persistent failure and maintenance system. Aircraft wear and misuse will carry over to your next flight.

Warning system and radars Exclusive feature

Fully functional GPWS with all the modes the real plane has.
Fully functional terrain radar, with custom database (just like the real plane), a look-ahead warning system and many other features.
Weather radar that works like the real thing. Including tilt and gain functions.
Ground clutter, turbulence detection and windshear prediction.

3D Modeling

Accurate dimensions based on exterior drawings provided by Boeing.
Very detailed exterior modelling with high resolution textures.
Very high resolution 3D cockpit with every switch functional.
Spatial rain simulation with high detail.
Very detailed passenger cabin graphics including galleys.
Additional graphic features: real working oxygen masks both in cockpit and cabin, dynamic window blinds that react to sunlight etc.
Smooth and accurate wingflex.

Special effects with dynamic reflections  Exclusive features

Multilayer dynamic reflections on all glass objects.
Reflective metal and plastic objects in the cockpit.
Glossy exterior dynamic reflections Exclusive feature
XP weather enhancements like custom windshear.

Advanced Custom Sounds Exclusive features

A professional sound pack by BSS Studio
Several hundred custom sounds.
In-cockpit custom sounds.
Switches with individual sounds.
Many individual system sound inside and outside.
Airport environment sounds.
Cabin sounds.
3D stereo sound system for engines.
In flight cabin announcements.
Interactive communication with the cabin crew (reporting misconfigurations and passenger comfort problems).

On Screen menus Exclusive features

An tablet-like menu popping-up from the cockpit.
Custom pages for loading/unloading fuel, cargo and passengers, customizing the CG, calling for pushback and performing maintenance.
Ability to customize the plane with winglets, reflection level, wingflex level and set other options to be saved or default.
Ground equipment and door pages.
Failure monitoring menu.

Extra objects

Working push-back truck - Fully controllable with your joystick.
Passenger bus and stairs or optional gate configuration (passengers can be loaded from gate instead of bus).
Fuel truck, de-Icing truck, GPU, ground-start units both visible and fully functional with airplane systems.
Other ground equipment.

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  1. Works amazingly!! thank you for the plane! Any chance we could also get the 757? I've been looking for these 2 for years


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