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Global TerraFlora - X-Plane 11 Full

Developed by the talented team at Turbulent Designs, TerraFlora XP has been designed to provide realistic, HD-quality trees for the whole globe in X-Plane 11. Building on the success of the ESP version, TerraFlora XP transforms your world to provide greater detail, more realism and enhance your simulation experience.

Whether you’re taking flight over densely populated forests or soaring around lush islands, TerraFlora XP will ensure trees of the world look pleasing to the eye in all scenarios. A diverse range of tree-types has been included to replace the default types and all coloured to better match the default ground scenery.

During take-off and those scenic approaches, TerraFlora XP will impress you with the diversity of vegetation across the world. Alternatively, those who love to fly cross-country will enjoy the way the trees will look in the simulator,** giving you more depth and detail than before**. Just be careful to not fly too close to them!

TerraFlora has been designed with performance in mind. Fully optimised for X-Plane 11, you can enjoy exemplary texturing with minimal performance loss.

If you love taking screenshots or filming your adventures in X-Plane 11, TerraFlora XP will make your creativity stand out beyond the rest, regardless of where you are in the world.

Key Features

Superb HD-quality trees replacing all default autogen on a global scale
Realistic representation of a large variety of tree types to give you the maximum realism possible
High-quality vegetation textures created by Russ White to raise the bar in detail in X-Plane 11
Multiple tree types to cover the world with correct regional placement
Coloured to match the default ground textures of the world for improved realism
The most realistic HD vegetation available for X-Plane
Seamless blending with TerraFlora textures included in Orbx TrueEarth and airports
Global TerraFlora - X-Plane 11 Full

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