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MSFS2020 - Airbus 320 Neo 4K Ultra Livery Download - V.5.0.1

What's New: 

Completely repainted from the ground up with ultra high resolution texture. 

Sharpness and Resolution of the elements has been increased substantially. 

New, more realistic Logo with dotted pattern.

Dotted pattern on the tail, tail reworked completely, more realistic.

One World Logo added.

Shiny rims around the doors and windows are added.

Red Markings on the wings added as per real livery.

The Livery is now more reflective, similar to 787 for a more realistic and an eye candy look.

Logo on the belly of the plane removed to be more realistic. 


Ultra High quality livery suitable for a closer look.


To Install the livery, simply drag and drop to the community folder.

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