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Update! MSFS2020 - EHEH Eindhoven Airport [HD] - V.0.5


If you have an older version: please delete the "spoorobjecten-navdata" folder, you don't need this anymore!


- Scenery: Stairs

- Scenery: GPU

- STAR arrivals, arrival can now be selected from a range of options, allowing for transition to ILS arrival at both 03 and 21


- Improved LOD, hopefully increasing FPS

- Improved Aeroclub building

- Improved Rainbow Hangar


* Added LOD for both the fences and main building, while not a massive LOD difference it should help at least a bit!.

* Fixed some of the aprons that had the wrong texture

* Taxi signs will be on the sides of the runway to help you find the right exit.

* Eindhoven Airport Spottersplek has been added for those that want some great pictures of arriving and departing airplanes

* Taxi lighting has been fixed/added

* Baggage carts have been added to the airport (custom made).


 - This zip contains 2 folders, both are needed for this Airport.

- Make sure to delete other EHEH / Eindhoven Airport folders from your Community folder as this could cause issues (sorry to the other developers!)

- Eindhoven Airport currently includes arrival procedure for ILS 03 and 21 using both IPTAS and SOPVI as arrival route.

- Custom buildings are used, I've spent a lot of hours on creating these buildings from scratch to make them look as close to the real buildings as possible.

Please do not reuse or distribute these custom buildings in other packages or other forms.

- Pictures of the airport filled with real airliners are made within the SDK, the actual gameplay experience will not have these (sorry)

- There is still a lot of work to do, I'm well aware and will work on this whenever I have time.

Do feel free to let me know if there is something missing however. (i'm aware of missing apron bits and lines as well as the taxi signs)

- There is an apron texture issue at the start of runway 03, will fix that soon!

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