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Update! MSFS2020 - ENGM Oslo Airport [HD] - V.1.2

Oslo Airport is the main international airport in Norway. In 2019, 28 600 000 passengers traveled through the airport which made it the second busiest airport in the Nordic countries. The airport lies north of Oslo (the capital of Norway) and engages in challenging and fun approaches in Norway’s merciless weather. This freeware contains an up-to-date version of the airport, in comparison to the default which is from ~2014.

Changelog V1.2
-Removed blue lighting on edge lines (Important)
-Added blast fences
-Added apron lamps
-Fixed/re-aligned numerous centerlines

KW Oslo Airport 2020 Features:

Added up-to-date aprons/taxiways around the northern pier and other locations (Anno 2020).
Added numerous new taxiways.
Added/reworked modern jetways (every gate/parking spot included).
Added detailed material textures
Replaced every single parking spot
Replaced every single centerline/edge line/ortho line.
Replaced numerous auto-gen buildings
Tweaked textures/materials
Detailed fencing, and lighting


“engm” folder in your Community folder!

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