Update! MSFS2020 - Diamond DA40 NGX Improvements Mods - V.0.7.7

Performance and UX fixes to the DA40 to match the real thing

                  Version 0.7.7

                  • Added "1000 tone" and "minimums" sound effect by Positive Zero (thanks Zeke12587 for showing me that)
                  • Temperatures will increase as engine is overloaded.
                  • Sharpened autopilot a little
                  • Reduced power draw on all electrics.

                  Version 0.7.6

                  • New camera angles.
                  • Lowered starting torque
                  • Tweaked ground effect
                  • Flap indications properly show when flaps are transitioning


                  • Revert the flap lift fix for the bug that was now fixed...


                  • Hotfix for world 3 update
                  • Flap lift scalar halved

                  Version 0.7.5


                  • Fadec controls Torque and not directly power. Less overshooting and smoother control.
                  • Under -10°C the engine becomes Torque limited. Max power ~98%
                  • Run-up RPM fixed
                  • ECU Test behavior improved.
                  • ECU run-up no longer moves the throttle lever(thanks Abdullah), and moving it above 5% will cancel the runnup
                  • Tool tips for ECU test added and removed incorrect throttle % indication.
                  • ECU voters are inop, because you guys cant stop playing around
                  • Engine will sputter when overloaded for too long and if the fuel is too cold (-42°C)
                  • ECUs will fail when the engine is failed.
                  • Inverted flight will cause oil and fuel starvation
                  • Fuel temperature is simulated using simplified physics
                  • - Lower fuel quanitiy will cause higher fuel temps.
                  • - Transfering fuel will cause temperatures to equalise


                  • Increased adverse yaw
                  • Increased ailerson effectiveness
                  • Increased control athourity all around.
                  • Dihedral stability increased.
                  • Tweeked ground effect
                  • Better nosewheel control at higher speeds
                  • Less dampening on the suspension.
                  • Low power cruise speeds are more accurate
                  • Landing flaps more draggy, approach is better


                  • ELT resets fuel totaliser
                  • Fuel totaliser stops counting when unlimted fuel is selected
                  • Added rudder trim for and for those who like to hand fly
                  • Added "Debugging" CAS messages to G1000. ("incompatible Livery", FADEC) to help debug
                  • Autopilot PIDs improved. hopefully no endless climb anymore
                  • Autopilot no longer controls rudder (yes it did that)
                  • Removed ground tug

                  Version 0.7

                  • FADEC added with combustion extinction (not active on the ground)
                  • Max RPM limited to 2100 under -10°C (as per books)
                  • CAS messages: High oil pressure, Coolant level, Altitude and Vertical speed
                  • Added fuel heating
                  • Engine indications only stop after the engine has stopped turning
                  • Fuel quantity 20.5 gal with 1 gal unusable
                  • Lowest Fuel temp -25°C, not -30 (DA62 is -30)
                  • Removed fuel totaliser softkeys to avoid confusion
                  • Fuel totaliser behaves like an actual fuel totaliser. Turn the plane off to reset it (no softkeys to do so sadly :'( )
                  • Improved Autopitlot PIDs
                  • Fixed heading Bug bug
                  • A shit-ton of changes to the flightmodel. Lower Attitudes, correct climb performance etc etc
                  • Changed sitting attitude 1-1.5° nose up (rear wheels clip through the ground slightly)
                  • Increased prop drag
                  • Restored ground effect
                  • Added .FLT files for in air spawn lovers


                  • Textures and Models fixed by BilingualHarp 7 <3 
                  • Added His liveries and Prop mod too :)
                  • Fixed fuel tranfer rate (actually 1gal/min now)


                  • Hotfix for Asobo's update
                  • Fixed missing PFD frame and missing trim indication
                  • The power setting is kept when switching between PropControl and Full FADEC
                  • Added windshield defrost (permanently on as the levers are static)

                  Version 0.6.4

                  • Improved PIDs for sim update
                  • Added an "RPM flatspot" between 91 and 93% load for QOL
                  • added back 2° of trim
                  • Fuel transfer rate set to a more realistic rate (1 gal/min)

                  Version 0.6.3

                  • Changes behaviour of "ALTITUDE ERROR" CAS message
                  • Improved accuracy of GAL used
                  • Redone External and Cockpit lighting: Added quad strobe
                  • Backend code cleanup
                  • ATC should call you by the correct callsign now
                  • Added Experimental Mixture control Full FADEC

                  Version 0.6.2

                  • Added ECU run-up
                  • Cleaned up/polish on the G1000 indications
                  • Engine indications can now be monitored for 3 seconds after shutdown
                  • Added Voltage drop when starting
                  • Lowered max water and oil temperature (engine wont overheat so easy)
                  • Improved oil pressure behaviour
                  • Gal Used indications redone.

                  Version 0.6.1

                  • Smooth animations on the engine and system indications
                  • Fuel temperature is now simulated
                  • New volumetric lights from uwajimaya
                  • Engine fuel pressure CAS has returned

                  Version 0.6

                  • Propcontrol is standard. Files and settings can easily be changed out
                  • Changed the RPM curve. Windmilling idle set to 2100rpm
                  • Added a PDF explaining how FADECs work and how to change
                  • Reduced Turbo spool up time
                  • Improved Autopilot PIDs, again


                  • Fixed Fuel flow increase from the fuel pumps
                  • Fixed Ammeter indications
                  • Removed low fuel pressure CAS message
                  • Added red speed tape in G1000 and external view
                  • Changed the external RPM gauge yellow band
                  • Other stuff
                  • Autopilot fixed for (ish)
                  • Reduced Trim effectiveness for the update, from 9° to 5°

                  Version v0.5.9

                  • Engine indications and CAS messages react to the Master switch state.
                  • “propControl_Engine.cfg” for "PropControl_FADEC (Standard)
                  • Default registration changed to OE-DCI
                  • UI name changed to DA40NGX
                  • Probably changes some other stuff I dont remember lol

                  Version v0.5.8

                  • Autopilot PIDs redone
                  • Cl Table redone
                  • Roll, pitch and yaw inertia increased
                  • Engine has been angled down 5° (not visually) to counter the pitch up moment
                  • A lot of other tiny changes
                  • Propeller control “FADEC” now standard

                  Version v0.5.7.1

                  • Added Fuel pressure CAS callout,
                  • Fuel pressure increased aswell
                  • HDG mod Autopilot wiggle should be gone.

                  Version v0.5.7

                  • Improved outside lighting by Uwajimaya
                  • G1000 limitations set (FLC, VS mode)
                  • Some autopilot change ideas stolen from Jonasbeaver
                  • Improved ground handling, No long a free castering nosewheel. Ty tclayton2k
                  • Tail: reduced trim deflection
                  • Ailerons: Increased adverse yaw, effectiveness reduced at higher load factor
                  • Low power correction added to FADEC
                  • Wing: Added 0.75° of incidence, Increased flaps lift, reduced clean lift

                  Version 0.5.6

                  • Engine, System and Fuel pages added with G1000v2
                  • Reduced elevator effectiveness
                  • "DON'T SINK" callout fixed in G1000v2, added back
                  • Gearbox temperature CAS message added

                  Version 0.5.5

                  • FADEC 0.1.5: ECU will no longer equalise power during an idle decent
                  • Fuel tank capacity increased to 19.5gal
                  • Made flightmodel more slippery and reduced engine thrust to match
                  • Flaps more lifty and draggy.
                  • Engine oil temperature and pressure behave more realistically
                  • Engine coolant temperature too (ish)
                  • Fuel temperature mapped to total air temperature
                  • G1000 Gauges match better
                  • Removed "STALL" and buggy "DON'T SINK" callouts
                  • Version 0.5
                  • NOW WITH FADEC (v0.1)
                  • MTOW set back to 2288
                  • back to stock G1000 (changes were not needed lol)

                  Version 0.4

                  • Now installable through the community folder!

                  Version 0.3

                  • Takeoff, climb and cruise performance improved, closer to AFM
                  • Fuelflow closer to the real plane untill 90% ish.
                  • Changed MTOW to 2888lbs
                  • Added comments to g1000 xml
                  • Autopilot wiggle reduced

                  Version 0.2

                  • Changed minimum governor rpm to 1800 prop RPM

                  Version 0.1

                  • given the engine the real displacement and compression ratio
                  • Increased manifold pressure slightly
                  • Increased cooling slightly (to handle the power that you should have gotten before)
                  • Changed specific fuel consumption to that of a diesel engine
                  • A lot of efficiency changes to get the fuel flow close to real (still needs work)
                  • Changed min and max prop Beta
                  • Made prop governor a little more aggressive
                  • Changed fuel type to JET-A
                  • G1000 load calculation fixed (was reading too low)

                  G1000 Engine pages

                  1. The G1000 mod is a must for the gauges and new engine pages to work.


                  • Drag and drop "DA40-NGX" into the community folder
                  • If you see the thumbnail in game, you have installed it correctly

                  File Size : 255 MB - Upload Address : Google Cloud - Download Speed : Unlimited

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