Update! MSFS2020 - Diamond DA40 NGX Improvements Mods - V.

Performance and UX fixes to the DA40 to match the real thing


              • Revert the flap lift fix for the bug that was now fixed...


              • Hotfix for world 3 update
              • Flap lift scalar halved

              Version 0.7.5


              Fadec controls Torque and not directly power. Less overshooting and smoother control.

              Under -10°C the engine becomes Torque limited. Max power ~98%

              Run-up RPM fixed

              ECU Test behavior improved.

              ECU run-up no longer moves the throttle lever(thanks Abdullah), and moving it above 5% will cancel the runnup

              Tool tips for ECU test added and removed incorrect throttle % indication.

              ECU voters are inop, because you guys cant stop playing around

              Engine will sputter when overloaded for too long and if the fuel is too cold (-42°C)

              ECUs will fail when the engine is failed.

              Inverted flight will cause oil and fuel starvation

              Fuel temperature is simulated using simplified physics

              - Lower fuel quanitiy will cause higher fuel temps.

              - Transfering fuel will cause temperatures to equalise


              Increased adverse yaw

              Increased ailerson effectiveness

              Increased control athourity all around.

              Dihedral stability increased.

              Tweeked ground effect

              Better nosewheel control at higher speeds

              Less dampening on the suspension.

              Low power cruise speeds are more accurate

              Landing flaps more draggy, approach is better


              ELT resets fuel totaliser

              Fuel totaliser stops counting when unlimted fuel is selected

              Added rudder trim for and for those who like to hand fly

              Added "Debugging" CAS messages to G1000. ("incompatible Livery", FADEC) to help debug

              Autopilot PIDs improved. hopefully no endless climb anymore

              Autopilot no longer controls rudder (yes it did that)

              Removed ground tug

              Version 0.7

              • FADEC added with combustion extinction (not active on the ground)
              • Max RPM limited to 2100 under -10°C (as per books)
              • CAS messages: High oil pressure, Coolant level, Altitude and Vertical speed
              • Added fuel heating
              • Engine indications only stop after the engine has stopped turning
              • Fuel quantity 20.5 gal with 1 gal unusable
              • Lowest Fuel temp -25°C, not -30 (DA62 is -30)
              • Removed fuel totaliser softkeys to avoid confusion
              • Fuel totaliser behaves like an actual fuel totaliser. Turn the plane off to reset it (no softkeys to do so sadly :'( )
              • Improved Autopitlot PIDs
              • Fixed heading Bug bug
              • A shit-ton of changes to the flightmodel. Lower Attitudes, correct climb performance etc etc
              • Changed sitting attitude 1-1.5° nose up (rear wheels clip through the ground slightly)
              • Increased prop drag
              • Restored ground effect
              • Added .FLT files for in air spawn lovers


              • Textures and Models fixed by BilingualHarp 7 <3 
              • Added His liveries and Prop mod too :)
              • Fixed fuel tranfer rate (actually 1gal/min now)


              • Hotfix for Asobo's update
              • Fixed missing PFD frame and missing trim indication
              • The power setting is kept when switching between PropControl and Full FADEC
              • Added windshield defrost (permanently on as the levers are static)

              Version 0.6.4

              • Improved PIDs for sim update
              • Added an "RPM flatspot" between 91 and 93% load for QOL
              • added back 2° of trim
              • Fuel transfer rate set to a more realistic rate (1 gal/min)

              Version 0.6.3

              • Changes behaviour of "ALTITUDE ERROR" CAS message
              • Improved accuracy of GAL used
              • Redone External and Cockpit lighting: Added quad strobe
              • Backend code cleanup
              • ATC should call you by the correct callsign now
              • Added Experimental Mixture control Full FADEC

              Version 0.6.2

              • Added ECU run-up
              • Cleaned up/polish on the G1000 indications
              • Engine indications can now be monitored for 3 seconds after shutdown
              • Added Voltage drop when starting
              • Lowered max water and oil temperature (engine wont overheat so easy)
              • Improved oil pressure behaviour
              • Gal Used indications redone.

              Version 0.6.1

              • Smooth animations on the engine and system indications
              • Fuel temperature is now simulated
              • New volumetric lights from uwajimaya
              • Engine fuel pressure CAS has returned

              Version 0.6

              Propcontrol is standard. Files and settings can easily be changed out
              Changed the RPM curve. Windmilling idle set to 2100rpm
              Added a PDF explaining how FADECs work and how to change
              Reduced Turbo spool up time
              Improved Autopilot PIDs, again


              Fixed Fuel flow increase from the fuel pumps
              Fixed Ammeter indications
              Removed low fuel pressure CAS message
              Added red speed tape in G1000 and external view
              Changed the external RPM gauge yellow band
              Other stuff
              Autopilot fixed for (ish)
              Reduced Trim effectiveness for the update, from 9° to 5°

              Version v0.5.9

              Engine indications and CAS messages react to the Master switch state.
              “propControl_Engine.cfg” for "PropControl_FADEC (Standard)
              Default registration changed to OE-DCI
              UI name changed to DA40NGX
              Probably changes some other stuff I dont remember lol

              Version v0.5.8

              Autopilot PIDs redone

              Cl Table redone

              Roll, pitch and yaw inertia increased

              Engine has been angled down 5° (not visually) to counter the pitch up moment

              A lot of other tiny changes

              Propeller control “FADEC” now standard

              Version v0.5.7.1

              Added Fuel pressure CAS callout,

              Fuel pressure increased aswell

              HDG mod Autopilot wiggle should be gone.

              Version v0.5.7

              Improved outside lighting by Uwajimaya

              G1000 limitations set (FLC, VS mode)

              Some autopilot change ideas stolen from Jonasbeaver

              Improved ground handling, No long a free castering nosewheel. Ty tclayton2k

              Tail: reduced trim deflection

              Ailerons: Increased adverse yaw, effectiveness reduced at higher load factor

              Low power correction added to FADEC

              Wing: Added 0.75° of incidence, Increased flaps lift, reduced clean lift

              Version 0.5.6

              Engine, System and Fuel pages added with G1000v2

              Reduced elevator effectiveness

              "DON'T SINK" callout fixed in G1000v2, added back

              Gearbox temperature CAS message added

              Version 0.5.5

              FADEC 0.1.5: ECU will no longer equalise power during an idle decent

              Fuel tank capacity increased to 19.5gal

              Made flightmodel more slippery and reduced engine thrust to match

              Flaps more lifty and draggy.

              Engine oil temperature and pressure behave more realistically

              Engine coolant temperature too (ish)

              Fuel temperature mapped to total air temperature


              G1000 Gauges match better

              Removed "STALL" and buggy "DON'T SINK" callouts

              Version 0.5

              NOW WITH FADEC (v0.1)

              MTOW set back to 2288

              back to stock G1000 (changes were not needed lol)

              Version 0.4

              Now installable through the community folder!

              Version 0.3

              Takeoff, climb and cruise performance improved, closer to AFM

              Fuelflow closer to the real plane untill 90% ish.

              Changed MTOW to 2888lbs

              Added comments to g1000 xml

              Autopilot wiggle reduced

              Version 0.2

              Changed minimum governor rpm to 1800 prop RPM

              Version 0.1

              given the engine the real displacement and compression ratio

              Increased manifold pressure slightly

              Increased cooling slightly (to handle the power that you should have gotten before)

              Changed specific fuel consumption to that of a diesel engine

              A lot of efficiency changes to get the fuel flow close to real (still needs work)

              Changed min and max prop Beta

              Made prop governor a little more aggressive

              Changed fuel type to JET-A

              G1000 load calculation fixed (was reading too low)

              G1000 Engine pages

              The G1000 mod is a must for the gauges and new engine pages to work.


              Drag and drop "DA40-NGX" into the community folder

              If you see the thumbnail in game, you have installed it correctly


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