Update! Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Addon Manager - V.0.5.5


    • - Fix enable/disable, due to magic path prefix added in v0.5.4 


    • - Add magic prefix for too-long path names on Windows (#44)
    • - Remove extracted archive caching for now, as it sometimes caused weird


    • - Fix progress bar flashing while showing a percentage
    • - Possible fix to #43


    • - Added progress bar to data refresh
    • - Added native Python archive extractors/creators
    • - Added more "Open" options in Help menu
    • - Disabled mod folder will automatically be moved on new folder selection
    • - Fixed incorrect exceptions references
    • - Hopefully fixed main application window not starting on top


    • - Major internal code improvements
    • - Opening folder/file dialog will remember last selection
    • - Improved table sorting/filtering
    • - Fixed table resizing bug on search
    • - Fixed a bug that would delete the source of a mod installed from a directory after it had been installed


    • - Attempt to fix build
    • - Included libraries for more zip tools
    • - Allow custom disabled mod location #35
    • - Added small widget to show application and game version
    • - Added minimum game version column to main table
    • - Added quick link to issues page


    • - Fix non-standard text encodings preventing manifest parsing
    • - Fixed missing mod parsing exceptions causing crash
    • - Added Help -> Open Debug Log menu bar option


    • Fix autoupdater
    • Fix issue causing autoupdater to download the wrong file.

    Matching Theme (V.0.3.3)

    A custom-designed theme to roughly match the MSFS UI is optionally available. This is a very early external mod manager for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.

    No Need to Reinstall Anything (V.0.3.3)

    The program parses the native game files, so you do not need to reinstall all of your mods to take advantage of the features of this mod manager.

    Mod Info (V.0.3.3)

    View info about a mod and quickly open the directory it is located in.

    Backups (V.0.3.3)

    Easily create backups of all of your enabled mods, in case you need to reinstall your game.

    Automatic Installation Detection

    The program automatically tries to determine where the sim is installed, for you. No rooting around inside the AppData folder.

    If the program can't automatically find the installation folder (you put it somewhere non-standard), you can manually select the location that contains The Community and Official folders.

    This is normally %USER%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages or %USER%\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages unless you manually selected a different location

    Super Easy Mod Installs

    The program will extract an archive, find all mods inside, and install them inside the correct folder automatically.

    Enable and Disable Mods

    Enable and disable mods on the fly without needing to re-download them.

    New Version, Download Again

    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Addon Manager

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