QualityWings 787 Collection - Info

Key Features:

Based on hundreds of drawings, photos and videos, the exterior models replicate every small detail of the real airplane. Differences between each variant – such as for the main landing gear – are modeled in great detail. In addition we made sure that material reflectivity, aircraft lights and animations closely resemble the real aircraft.

There are over 100 Custom animations on the exterior models including, but not limited to:

- Realistic Wing Flex
- 787-9 HLFC System
- Environmental Control System inlets & outlets
- 787-specific “Autodrag” function
- 787-specific Maneuver Load Alleviation
- All Flight Controls
- APU Inlet Door
- Landing gear incl. Shock Strut Compression
- Passenger & Cargo Doors with correct animation
- And much, much more…

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