MSFS2020 - A320 Neo Sound Pack Download - V.2.0 [IAE, PW & CFM Leap]

Steps to install

Depending on your install method located your Offical folder, On those who have downloaded directly from MSFS its


For Steam downloaded: MSFS/Official/Steam/ is your folder.

Now open up those folders and located the asobo-aircraft-a320-neo folder

Paste in this folder the layout.json provided from mod. Replace if asked to the existing one, you can backup your old on somewhere and then delete it from the folder so that you can paste this new one without delay. Either method works just make sure new one is installed. 

Next you want to backup or delete your old sound folder. 

This folder is located in asobo-aircraft-a320-neo\SimObjects\AirPlanes\Asobo_A320_NEO\sound

Delete that and then paste the sound folder from the mod provided. This Sound Mod Is Developed By KAKAIO.

Neo PW Version

Neo CFM Leap & IAE Versions

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