Update! MSFS2020 - Citation CJ4 Improvements Mods - V.0.9.1 Fixed

V.0.9.1 Key Features

Welcome to the Working Title CJ4 v0.9.1. This is a hotfix release for 0.9.0 to fix the most pressing issues that came up after release.


  • Fixed issue where ATC window did not refresh electrical system status properly
  • Fixed issue where map lines would be improperly drawn in certain situations and zoom factors
  • Fixed issue where after flying one hold, LNAV would not fly any additional holds
  • Fixed issue where LNAV would skip to the last hold if holds were on back-to-back legs
  • Fixed speed tape overspeed indicator and warning speeds
  • LNAV should no longer wander back and forth in the case of overlapping or duplicate flight plan fixes
  • Fix for DIRECT TO not reactivating the current dirto from the DTO page
  • Fix for DIRECT TO not working after one successful DTO

V.0.9.0 Key Features

Welcome to the Working Title CJ4 v0.9.0. We have a number of features we're excited to deliver, including an amazing flight model overhaul by Metzgergva, who has a large number of professional flight models under his belt, including Aerosoft's upcoming CRJ. We think it's a joy to handfly now, and we can't wait for your feedback. We've also added the ability to program holds into the FMC, which is a major feature to anyone who likes to fly online, and brings us just that much closer to the real plane. Other fantastic features include flight director lateral guidance and crosshairs option, TOGA mode, user waypoints, dual comm support, map enhancements, and a number of other things.


Installation is easy, simply copy the workingtitle-aircraft-cj4 folder inside the zip file to your MSFS Community folder.

Important: We recommend that you fully delete the previous workingtitle-aircraft-cj4 folder before copying this release.

Default Livery Conflicts

The alternate default liveries that now ship with MSFS are not compatible with the CJ4 yet at this time. They currently ship with panel.cfg files that do not include our FADEC module. Please use the standard livery or a known compatible 3rd party or community livery.

Remarks to flight plan synchronization between the Game and FMS

The FP SYNC option is one way: it updates the simulator flight plan from the FMC. To load a plan into the FMS you can either enter it manually or use the FPLN RECALL (GAME/SB) option in IDX -> PAGE2 -> ROUTE MENU

Due to the increased accuracy and capabilities of the FMC managed flight plan, you may find that the sync to the game does not always work as expected or does not reflect the FMC flight plan exactly.


  • Added Cross Pointers flight director
  • Flight director now works with AP off, including lateral guidance
  • Added Takeoff Go-Around (TOGA) mode
  • Holds functionality and autopilot, including proper entry types and exit arming
  • Course intercept, Point/Bearing/Distance fixes, Point/Distance fixes, Lat/Lon fixes
  • Completely overhauled Flight Model (WIP) (Credit: Metzgergva)
  • Com 2 can now be used to transmit and receive.

Flight Plan Manager

  • Fixed errors where negative values would be returned for a leg course
  • When approach is loaded, destination airport is removed and the runway becomes the final waypoint


  • Off-course sidewinder wandering behavior should be greatly reduced
  • Support added for flying holds
  • FMS now calculates correct DTK for very long legs along changing great circle bearings
  • FMS will now continue to sequence even if the active nav mode source is a nav radio
  • FMS will no longer sequence past the destination runway fix to the airport fix


  • VNAV will now continue to the most recent restriction even during a large amount of turn anticipation
  • FPA for approach legs will now be calculated from the FAF so steeper angles can be automatically supported


  • Adjusted VS to round up in approach to prevent drifting under GP (Current AP workaround)
  • Added inhibit .1nm from runway threshold to prevent aircraft from flying towards center of airport
  • Added TOGA functionality. When pressed on ground, provides 10 degree FD pitch up, runway heading tracking. Hotspot to engage is the L FIRE BOTTLE click hotspot
  • VS mode now properly captures the current vertical speed when engaging
  • AP now goes to Roll/Pitch upon landing
  • Fixed issue where APPR sensitivity could appear even outside of the approach segment
  • VS wheel now properly adjusts target aircraft pitch when in PITCH mode


  • COM2 transmit and receive is now fully supported in the panel and compatible with vPilot
  • COM switches on audio panel can now enable or disable transmit for that channel
  • COM knobs will now disable receive for that channel when turned down


  • Holding CLR for 1/2 second or longer will clear the entire scratchpad


  • Page layout has been overhauled
  • Available fixes should properly reflect remaining legs in plan
  • Nearest airports function should now operate
  • Direct-to should no longer route you back to the origin runway if the selected fix is a non-ICAO leg termination (also applies to LEGS)


  • Fixed legs page blacking out with empty flight plan
  • Fixed inability to copy magenta TO fix to scratchpad
  • Added lat/lon user waypoints support
  • Added shorthand lat/lon user waypoint support
  • Added place/bearing/distance user waypoint support
  • Added flight plan offset user waypoint support
  • Added ability to drop fix on blue FROM leg to intercept leg course
  • Fixed incorrectly rounded distance displays
  • Added NEW HOLD and HOLD AT support
  • Added support for hold EXIT ARMED and CANCEL EXIT
  • Added AUTO/INHIBIT FMS fix sequencing selection


  • Fixed bug where it would go to perf init after vnav setup 3/3
  • Fixed cruise altitude cell in perf init from showing FL + 5 boxes
  • Fixed bug in approach ref not showing headwind/tailwind


  • V-Speeds will reset when entering a new origin after landing.
  • Airways should now be enterable connecting to the final departure fix
  • Fuel used is now reset with new origin


  • Added hold page support for all data fields, except for QUAD/RADIAL
  • Added support for automatically detected entry type
  • Added support for EXIT HOLD and CANCEL EXIT
  • Wired hold support into EXEC/CANCEL MOD


  • Added HOLD LIST page
  • Adeed support for up to 6 holds in list


  • Added Cross Pointers (X-PTR) flight director and setting persistence on restart
  • Setting altimeter to hPA stays persistent on restart
  • Cyan vertical speed arrow is now removed when in GP or VPATH
  • Adjusted map ranges to realistic values (5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 600)
  • Corrected PPOS scaling
  • MFD Wind speed font size same as PFD
  • Fixed outer range display cut off
  • Added (N)orth label to PLAN view
  • Wind indicator hidden on PLAN view
  • Various map draw improvements
  • Added correct icons for different VOR types and NDBs
  • Enabled map symbols are now drawn and updated around the current location
  • INTERS now only shows named and non terminal waypoints
  • Added display of terminal waypoints (to be enabled in FMC)
  • Map will show a maximum of 40 symbols as in the real unit (configurable in Defaults in later version)


  • AOA indicator only lights up on gear down or greater than flaps 15.
  • Standby attitude indicator (SAI) baro settings are changed to whatever is set in PFD.

V.0.8.3 Key Features

  • Adjustments to autopilot controller gains to address pitch oscillations


  • FMS will now continue to sequence even when the active nav source is not FMS
  • FMS will no longer sequence past the destination runway fix even if you fly beyond it


  • FPLN page will now properly accept airways following the departure fix


  • Adjusted pitch PID gains to eliminate oscillation under certain conditions

V.0.8.1 Key Features

  • Added VFR runway approaches - in DEP/ARR you can now choose a VFR runway for landing and specify a runway extension waypoint to be added to the flight plan as far as 25nm from the runway. This allows you to 'roll your own' LNAV/VNAV approach to any runway at any airport. Great for small/private fields! https://streamable.com/idloxs
  • Fixed issue when resuming VNAV climbs and fixed issue when setting missed approach altitude during an RNAV approach with GP.


  • Removed old unused files that were causing a compatibility issue with WT Garmin units and the FBW A32NX


  • Fixed an issue where GP would stop descending and capture an altitude when the altitude preselector was moved (i.e. to the missed approach altitude)
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the active waypoint would sequence to the airport and take the plane off course on an RNAV approach.


  • Fixed an issue where the CRS would not accept input sometimes while not in LNV or NAV mode


  • Numerous fantastic cosmetic accuracy updates (contribution by TheFlieger)
  • FMS mach value now always shows only two digits
  • Updated BARO indications to show when STD has been set; updated BARO knob to always set STD pressure when pressed


  • Numerous fantastic cosmetic accuracy updates (contribution by TheFlieger)
  • Shows IGN indication on engine ignition during startup
  • Don't show TOD marker on map when in Approach Mode


  • Fixed the baro setting rounding error


  • LEGS page will no longer intepret entries of lower than FL500 as speed restrictions
  • LEGS order of AB restrictions should now be correct
  • FPLN now allows proper entry of 3 letter ICAO airport codes
  • FPLN selecting Origin or Destination will put the ICAO into the scratchpad
  • Visual approach (runway extension fix) capabilty added to the DEP/ARR page
  • Pressing LSK next to origin and dest will now copy ICAO to the scratchpad
  • FMC should no longer blackscreen when going to the ARR DATA page
  • FP Sync option will now actually be active when set to enabled
  • Added new option "FPLN RECALL (GAME)" to Route Menu to sync the flight plan from world map to the FMS

Flight Plan Manager

  • Fixed issue where some track-to-radial-intercept legs were being dropped from procedures
  • Changed behavior of FP Sync on flight start
  • When FP Sync is off: ATC/VFR plan remains but FMS plan is empty. Enter the flight plan manually or use the FPLN RECALL options


  • Fixed issue where LNAV would get stuck in a swapping full left then right bank oscillation


  • Wind, Spoiler Drag and external engine sounds should now be played on the right audio bus so it doesn't play during pause & volume can be adjusted.

V.0.8.0 Key Features

  • Custom Flight Plan Manager
  • Vertical Navigation (VNAV)
  • Custom Lateral Navigation
  • RNAV capability with LPV
  • Improved FMA Display
  • Sound overhaul (WIP)
  • PFD/MFD improvements (a lot)
  • Map improvements
  • Many many more...

Custom Flight Plan Manager

  • Independent from MSFS flightplan
  • Much improved procedure data, even when using the stock NavBlue data
  • Modifiable approaches
  • Appropriate discontinuities
  • Direct-to to any fix on the plan at any time
  • Correct vectors, heading-to-altitude, and intercept legs

Vertical Navigation (VNAV)

  • Full support of all CJ4 VNAV modes including VVS, VFLC, and VPATH
  • Continuous vertical path calculation
  • Display of vertical path snowflake
  • Display of required vertical speed donut to meet next restriction
  • Display of TOD on the map
  • Overhauled altitude modes including ALTS and ALTV
  • Ability to add custom altitude restrictions in FMC LEGS page

Lateral Navigation

  • New lateral navigation over the top of existing AP
  • Greatly improved bank response and turn performance
  • Supports correct discontinuity behavior
  • Compatibility with the new Flight Plan Manager
  • Much improved ILS APPR capture success rate


  • Ability to fly RNAV procedures at all times
  • Correct sensitivity scaling for the enroute (2NM), terminal (1NM), and approach phases (.3NM)
  • Correct PFD annunciations for navigational sensitivity
  • Full LPV approach support, including correct increasing angular sensitivity as distance to threshold decreases
  • Full AP support of APPR and GP modes for RNAV approaches


  • Proper flat rating of engine for consistent performance at varying field elevations and temperatures
  • TO and CLB throttle detents with indication on MFD N1 display
  • FADEC properly targets increasing thrust curve and N1 with altitude in CLB
  • Full CRZ throttle range


  • Reserve fuel can now be changed
  • Revised the format of the FLPN page to better match the real unit, especially for approaches
  • Approach ref temp of zero can now be entered


  • Light now off occurs at 12% N2
  • Performance adjustments to fit climb profile using FADEC


  • Complete overhaul of the PFD Flight Mode Annunciator to match the correct CJ4 mode symbology
  • IAS hold will now automatically switch to Mach when the values are the same
  • IAS/Mach button switch now captures current mach number
  • Added ability to adjust BARO minimums and added minimums aural callout
  • Added altitude capture aural alert and flashing altitude selection indicator
  • Added FMC waypoint sequence alerting: waypoint ident and distance will flash 5 seconds before sequencing
  • Course needles now smoothly swing to position as per the real display
  • Fixed an issue where the upper panel knob also controlled menus in the MFD
  • Added Radio Altimeter (visible at 2,500' AGL and less)


  • Added “NO FLIGHT PLAN” to ROSE/ARC modes when no flight plan detected
  • Added “DISCONTINUITY” to ROSE/ARC modes when discontinuity is reached
  • Icons updated for airports, waypoints, and intersections
  • Added correct label font and sizing for map labels
  • Procedures should now be drawn more accurately to how they appear in the procedure charts
  • Temporary flight plans (modifying a route) now displays as a dashed white line

New Sounds (work in progress)

  • Engine exterior and interior run, start, stop
  • Avionics fans
  • Spoiler drag, Gear drag, extend, retract
  • Cockpit wind and rain
  • FMS, AP panel, DCP, CCP, and soft buttons
  • Aurals (Altitude Alert, Minimums, AP disconnect, Caution/Warning, Landing Gear, Pull up, Overspeed, Sink Rate, Don't Sink)
  • Removed TAWS System Test (To be replaced with accurate sound)


  • New camera presets (pax, lavatory etc.)

Navigational items not currently implemented but scheduled for future updates

  • Holds and procedure turns
  • FMC INTC CRS capability
  • VNAV Vertical Direct-To Fix
  • Manual Point/Bearing or Point/Bearing/Distance fixes
  • Route offsets
  • LNAV/VNAV approaches. Currently all RNAV approaches use LPV in APPR mode due to no minimums type information in the available navdata.
  • Going direct-to on the LEGS page does not give you an EXEC option, it will automatically execute.

V.0.7.3 Key Features

  • Changed Autopilot PID values to get rid of lateral navigation problems introduced with MSFS update

V.0.7.2 Key Features

  • This is a hotfix for v0.7.1 for some compatibility changes after MSFS update!
  • Fixed SimBrief import for compatibility with
  • Fixed Mach Hold not synchronizing with mach changes


Installation is easy, simply copy the workingtitle-aircraft-cj4 folder inside the zip file to your MSFS Community folder. Important: Due to some file location changes in the latest MSFS version, it is mandatory that you fully delete the previous workingtitle-aircraft-cj4 folder before copying this release.

Credits  : Workingtitle FSpackages

V.0.9.1 Fixed

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  1. When I click on the download now it takes me to another page and wants me to download a setup.exe file. I just want to get the cj4 mod.

  2. cierra esa pagina, es publicidad.
    sigue dándole a descargar y bajaras un archivo rar de 74mb

  3. I need help, now with every flight the text "no flight plan" appears on all screens. Even when I obviously set the flight plan before the flight

    1. You need to import the flight plan either from simbrief or from game. IDX (index)-->FLT PLAN (second page).

  4. I am having a problem that the sim tells me that I can not use the comms because the radio is not switched on when I start from a dark cockpit.

  5. Thanks to the developer for this! The latest fix (.91) seems to have solved the issues I was having, and the plane feels much better to fly by hand too. I hope you can keep working on this, and updating it every time Microsoft changes things.


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