MSFS2020 - ENBV - Berlevag Airport, Berlevag - V.1.0

Berlevåg Airport is a STOL airport in northern Norway operated by Widerøe DHC 8-102s, with three daily flights to nearby Mehamn ENMH and Båtsfjord ENBS. Cancellations are frequent in the winter months, but the tree-less tundra climate is otherwise dry and summer ceilings are seldom very low. At a latitude of 69 North, the airport experiences polar nights in winter and midnight suns during summer. Norwegian AD-2 charts freely available through

V 1.0 Features

Improved runway slope to reflect real profile.
Runway and apron texture and layout updates.
Corrections to buildings in the local village and the airport itself.
Lake height corrections and seam tear fixes.
4.5 degree PLASI.

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