MSFS2020 - George T. Lewis Airport KCDK Scenery - V.1.0

A rendition of George T. Lewis Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS) 2020 release by LKP Designs.  This add-on features 100% custom airport buildings.

A screenshot showing the airport scenery of KCDK in MSFS (2020).Takeoffs and landings at George T. Lewis Airport (KCDK) are particularly challenging, as the Gulf of Mexico pushes up against both ends of the runway.  Couple this with the shortest paved public runway in the state of Florida and you better be on your game!

Formerly used as an air/sea rescue base during and after World War II, the facility was deeded to Levy County.

George T. Lewis Airport covers an area of 52 acres (21 ha) at an elevation of 11 feet (3 m) above mean sea level. It has one asphalt paved runway designated 5/23 which measures 2,355 by 100 feet (718 x 30 m) with a displaced threshold on both ends.

Version Notes 1.0:

  • Added 100% custom buildings to airport
  • Added fencing around the airport
  • Detailed plants added around the main building
  • Realistically created runway, aprons, and grass taxiways
  • Added parked aircrafts
  • Hand placed trees and houses around the island
  • Windsocks added realistically
  • Realistic taxi signs
  • Installation

Copy the folder lkpdesigns-kcdk to the Community folder under the root location where MSFS2020 is installed.

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