Link Update! MSFS2020 - King Air 350i Improvements Mods - V.3.0


- changed max. weight to 15.000 lbs
- AC is little more powerfull at slow speed (for instance take-off) and a little bit less powerfull at high speed. So full weight take-offs should feel better (shorter runway used) and an full power cruise max TAS is nearly 312 KTAS, like it should be.
- slightly decreased VS Speeds, so that climb should take a little longer


- Better Torque/Altitude Behavior

- decr. Fuel Consumption/incr. Range

- Standby Baro-Knob Sets Main Baro

- Yaw Damper activates on AP ON

- working Bank Limiter (Off 30° On 15°)

- Bank Limiter toggles automatically @18.500 ft

- more gear drag, less ground torque effect

- more responsive VSI

- incl.


- Better Torque Behavior

- Standby Baro-Knob Sets Main Baro In PFD Now

- Yaw Damper On When AP ON

- Bank Limiter Activated (Off 26° On 12°)

- Bank Limiter Automatically On Above 20.000 ft

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  1. How do I download the file. If I hit the download now, it takes me to all kinds of pages and not downloading the mod.

    1. Click on download, then when ad fly comes up, look in the top right corner. Should say wait for 5 sec then skip ad or wait and the page may come up. Should see a blue button for download. May have to click it twice for the popup depending on your browser. Once you get through that without installing all the warts, you should see the zip file download with a save as. Make sure it is the same name as the file, and close all other popups without clicking on them. May have to have popups appear in a separate window. It's a bit muddy on explanation but I hope it helps.

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  3. with the most recent update, you can no longer hide the yoke


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