MSFS2020 - LTBW Istanbul Hezarfen Airport Scenery, Turkey - V.1.0 [4K]


ATC feature has been improved.
ATC and the general office building were modeled from scratch and transferred.
Ayjet Hangar was modeled from scratch and transferred.
Airplane parking tents and warehouses in the vicinity were organized.
Fuel filling area has been added.
The track asphalt has been renewed and its numbers have been replaced with the correct runway.
Taxiways have been added and improved (taxiway).
Parking lots have been added and taxiways have been directed.
Ground services have been arranged.
Necessary lighting points have been added.
The wind suit has been arranged.
Landscaping has been done.
The planes in the parking area are arranged in accordance with the real fleet.
The airport zone was built from scratch, based on Bing Maps, with its entire surrounding area.
Developer: Emre Aydin , Publisher: SimulationTÜRK

How is it set up?

Upload the folder named "st-hezarfen" in the zip file you downloaded into the "Community" folder by going to the directory where Microsoft Flight Simulator is installed. You can follow the same path in Steam and other versions.

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