Update! MSFS2020 - Matterhorn Mountain Modelling - Switzerland - Italy - V.2.0

Matterhorn, the Swiss and incredibly photogenic giant. Famous around the world, this mountain is a beauty. That's why I took the challenge to "renovate" the original one of the game, that looked lacking. Matterhorn figure is very difficult to be interpreted successfully in the sim with low resolution mesh data, it needed a really high resolution model. This is what it is.

Version 2.0

- Added 4 LOD levels and improved performance when flying far from the mountain or when viewing it from certain angles.

- Color corrected the textures as much as possible and totally removed the default bluish shadows to make it look natural and beautiful.

- Added cable car pylons for the whole area. Now it's more interesting to explore around the mountain following their path.

- Added polygons for the missing forests south of Zermatt near the foothills of the mountain. Now they are properly populated with trees.

More details : I divided the mountain in 4 different distinct model areas. It may need some tweaking and a larger number of divisions for better performance gains with larger resolution displays or even some model tweaking in Blender. Now the mountain can look a little weird when transitioning between different levels of detail, or from afar when zoomed in, a drawback of having LODs. Also ,you can always download the old Version 1 of the addon in the Files section,if you wish so!

How to Install: 

Drag and drop the folder from the .zip , in your "Community" folder. That's it, enjoy!!

How to find the mountain: 

Copy and paste the following coordinates in the "search airport" bar in Flight Simulator : 46.004381, 7.731199

If you experience any issues with the scenery, contact me or if you have any ideas on improving the asset. Sometimes when loading the scene/area , the sim has to load all the terraformed ground and you may notice lower performance. Generally , after that is a lot smoother depending on the specs of you machine.

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