Update! MSFS2020 - NASA Kennedy Space Center - V.1.1.5


This add-on consists of six main elements around the Kennedy Space Center:  VAB Building (which is the 6th largest building in the world by volume), the Control Building next to the VAB, Launch Complex 39A & 39B, Falcon Heavy Rocket and the SpaceX Rocket Assembly building at the foot of 39A.  More buildings and assets will be updated at a future time.


Added: Lightning Antennas at Launch Complex 39B

Added: Water Tower at Launch Complex 39A & 39B

Added: POI Markers for all of the scenery elements

Fixed: You can now land your plane on top of the VAB roof.

Added: Mobile Launcher (with SLS Umbilicals) parked near VAB

Added: SpaceX Boosters at their landing spots at SpaceX Landing Zone 1 & 2 (Launch Complex 13)

Fixed: Added secondary aerial overlay to remove baked VAB shadow and roof that was present in

bing imegery.


Extract into your "community" folder in your copy of Flight Simulator.  More detailed install instructions are included in the download.

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