Update! MSFS2020 - Pushback Helper App - V.2.3

Pushback Helper is an application to make push back operations easier.

  • No need to contact ATC for the jetway connection
  • No need to contact ATC for using push back
  • No need to contact ATC for calling fuel truck
  • Open and close aircraft doors easily (A320, 787, 747 only)

v2.3 Changes

  • - [FEATURE] Door buttons added to open/close doors
  • - [FEATURE] Changed pushback method to new method with forward tug ability
  • - [FEATURE] Added ability to scale app size
  • - [BUGFIX] Fix crash on sim disconnect

v2.2 Changes

  • Fuel button added to call fuel truck.

V.2.1 Changes

  • [FEATURE] Jetway button added to manage jetway connection.
  • [FEATURE] Close button added to exit application.
  • [FEATURE] Moving UI is possible now. Just hold left click on the gray area between jetway and close buttons to move it.
  • [FEATURE] When you close the application last location is being saved and restored when you start application.
  • [FEATURE] Connection status text is more readable now.
  • [BUGFIX] Crash to desktop when click buttons before app connects to the sim is fixed.

V.2.0 Changes

  • UI is recreated using WPF
  • Shotcut key is defined. Press Page Up to show/hide UI. If you have multiple monitor you can move UI by pressing Shift + Windows + Left or Right arrow keys together.
  • To start or stop push back simply click Activate button.
  • To turn tail to the left simply click Left button.
  • To turn tail to the right simply click Right button.
  • To continue straight click Straight button.


  • Extract the archieve and run PushbackHelper.exe

  • .NET Framework 4.7.2

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