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Update! MSFS2020 - Pushback Helper App - V.2.2

Pushback Helper is an application to make push back operations easier.

You no need to contact ATC for using push back

You no need to contact ATC for turning

Pushback tug and forklift is connecting if you are close to vehicles

It also works if there is no any push back vehicle

v2.2 Changes

Fuel button added to call fuel truck.

V.2.1 Changes

[FEATURE] Jetway button added to manage jetway connection.

[FEATURE] Close button added to exit application.

[FEATURE] Moving UI is possible now. Just hold left click on the gray area between jetway and close buttons to move it.

[FEATURE] When you close the application last location is being saved and restored when you start application.

[FEATURE] Connection status text is more readable now.

[BUGFIX] Crash to desktop when click buttons before app connects to the sim is fixed.

V.2.0 Changes

UI is recreated using WPF

Shotcut key is defined. Press Page Up to show/hide UI. If you have multiple monitor you can move UI by pressing Shift + Windows + Left or Right arrow keys together.

To start or stop push back simply click Activate button.

To turn tail to the left simply click Left button.

To turn tail to the right simply click Right button.

To continue straight click Straight button.


Extract the archieve and run PushbackHelper.exe

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