MSFS2020 - Scenery for Siegen in Germany - V.1.0

I tried to improve the city of Siegen in NRW Germany by using vanilla models of the sim.
Added and fixed many buildings and details in Siegen and surrounding villages such as Niederschelden, Gosenbach, Eiserfeld, Weidenau.

- added many churches (church towers are also good VFR landmarks)
- added parking cars on almost every big parking lot in the city and the villages
- added many radio towers and mobile phone towers
- improved iconic buildings (Kreishaus, Gericht, City Gallerie, Universität AR + H, Oberes Schloss, Cinestar, Gymnasium auf der Morgenröthe)
- fixed wrong height levels of the river Sieg
- added small details in the city (parasols, containers, food shops, fences, trains, pedestrian bridges)
- added missing train stations Siegen HBF and Weidenau

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