Update! MSFS2020 - TBM 930 Improvements Mods - V.


            • SU8 Compatible update
            • Revert back multi PFD screens (to avoid FPS drop and CTD)
            • Initial implementation new HEAT FX (not active!!!)


            • Sim Update 3 compatible
            • Added default pilots state to all .FLT files (you can change it if you want)
            • Changed non-moded G3000 lighting logic
            • Experemental: pilots always hide if you seat at pilot/copilot position


            • Revert flaps hotfix for landing problem in
            • Revert slightly open door when unlocked state
            • Changed showing pilots logic (Show it by default)
            • Added show Pilots depend of weight (set less than 100lb in payload panel to hide pilots)
            • Ctrl-6 instrument camera always hide copilot


            • - Added four new Instruments camera (Ctrl-7/8/9/0)
            • - Changed hotfix for landing problem in (Keep only half lift_coef_flaps, all other revert back)
            • - Changed lock mark logic (green - locked, red - unlocked)
            • - Unlocked door now slightly opened


            • Added handle in copilot side to close passenger door
            • Added hotfix for landing speed in


            • Added doors logic and animation
            • Added sun visors animation
            • Added table animation
            • Added pilot/copilot mod
            • Changed steering nose wheel (added angle)
            • Removed dead bugs from windshield
            • Removed the 30% throttle gap.
            • Corrected some numbers for pitch_takeoff, starter_cutoff, rated_shaft, aft_limit, rotation_speed, glide, cruze_alt
            • Ajusted torque vs air density table: (Calculated using POH Maximum Cruise Chart)
            • Landing gear creates more drag (by PositiveZero)
            • Added angle for nose steering wheel
            • Fuel flow ajusted
            • Added Audible Alert Fixes by PositeZero
            • Integrated Uwa's light mod
            • Integrated Pilot / Copilot mod
            • Reworked cockpit lights
            • Dim switch now dim displays and panel lights by half (for night flight)
            • Pedestal light now work from Access switch
            • Backup display brightness now controlled by G3000 Mod brightness
            • If G3000 mod not installed, display brightness controlled by panel light knob
            • Removed dead bugs from Windshield (no more CHEERKASHI!11)
            • Unlocked sun visor animation
            • Added logic and unlocked animation for front / passenger / cargo doors
            • Added lock mechanism logic
            • Unlocked passenger table animation


            • Light changes 
            • Added some missed LIT textures to potentiometr 4 (Panel Light)
            • Reworked ambient lights. Now it turn on/off depend of switch
            • Reworked screen ambiend light. Now it works with workingtitle g3000 mod. Depends of screen brightness.
            • Removed panel lights knob 100% off.
            • Removed Landing Gear Warning when Throttle at zero
            • Changed Pedestal lights remaped to Access switch
            • Changed Panel Light knob at day start 0% at night 50%
            • Revert back Throttle Idle Gear Warning 


            • -Pre-release for 1.10.7 update


            • -Improved ITT behavior, check 

            Alt (cruise)TRQITT C (expected)ITT C (observed from this PR)ITT C (before this PR)


            • -Updated Uwa's light mod to v1.06


            -Inertial Separator modification has been removed, since FlyByWire A32NX project added a file that conflicts.

            -Updated Uwa's light mod to v1.05
            -Minor ajustments
            -Inertial Separator CAS light now working

            -TBM930_interior.xml hotfix
            -Standby Instruments also controlled by the brightness knob.

            -Inertial Separator Caution Light Fix

            -Compatibility with patch 1.9.3
            -Uwa light mod v1.03

            -Added Audible Alert Fixes by Positive Zero

            -Improved torque vs air density table;
            -Improved fuel flow.

            This is the improvement project for the MSFS default TBM 930.

            Current features of this modification are:

            Removed the 30% gap between 0 and 30% throttle:

            tp_high_idle_throttle_pos = 0; (default = 30)

            ...so then I needed to ajust:

            n1_to_shaft_torque_table = ... 68:0.12, 87:0.88 ...

            Ajusted autopilot maximum pitch:

            max_pitch = 15 (default = 10)

            Corrected some numbers:

            pitch_takeoff_ga = 10 (default = 8)

            min_n1_for_starter_cutoff = 52 (default = 50)

            min_n2_for_starter_cutoff = 80 (default = 200)

            rated_shaft_hp = 850 (default = 0)

            CG_aft_limit = 0.355 (default = 0.36)

            rotation_speed_min = 80 (default = 90)

            cruise_alt = 31000 (default = 30000)

            best_glide = 120 (default = 0)

            Ajusted torque vs air density table:

            density_on_torque_table = 0.0005:0.01, 0.0006:0.4, 0.0007:0.5, 0.000850:0.7, 0.000950:0.745, 0.002378:1.000

            (Calculated using POH Maximum Cruise Chart)

            (default = 0.0005:0.01, 0.0006:0.4, 0.0007:0.6, 0.0008:0.75, 0.0009:0.9,0.000975:1.0, 0.002378:1.000000)

            Landing gear creates more drag (by PositiveZero):

            drag_coef_gear = 0.04700 (default = 0.01000)

            Decreased inertial separator effect in torque to 7/8 (now 22%, instead of 25%):

            (L:XMLVAR_InertSep#ID#_Deployment) 14336 * (>K:ANTI_ICE_GRADUAL_SET_ENG#ID#) (default = 16384)

            Fuel flow ajusted:

            fuel_flow_scalar = 0.72 (default = 1.0)

            Added Uwa’s light mod 

            Added kaosfere's dmimmable G3000 panels

            Added Audible Alert Fixes by Positive Zero

            How to Install:

            1: Click on the green button in the top right corner that says 'Code' and click "Download as ZIP"

            2: Unzip and put the folder "aircraft-tbm930-improvement" in your MSFS Community folder

            How to Uninstall:

            To uninstall just delete the folder "aircraft-tbm930-improvement" from your MSFS Community folder.


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            1. Hi, this mod is mine! Could you link my Github page?

            2. I read somewhere that there is also a Realism Mod regarding the Garmin G3000 in the TBM. Is this already updated to the Japan update and does somebody have a link to that mod and (positive) experience with it?

            3. Непонятно почему качает его по крену, что при в злете, при посадке, и на ешелоне((

            4. Hi, how would i remove the pilot and co-pilot from the cockpit? I love the improvements but would like to remove them. Thanks!

            5. Why is this such a mine field to download ??????


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