MSFS2020 - Tivat Airport Montenegro -V.1.0

Nestled between the mountains of coastal Montenegro, Tivat Airport poses a unique challenge to pilots up for the circling approach into runway 14. Runway 32 offers a great challenge, too. One of the best places to practice your piloting skills is now available in great quality for the newest generation of flight simulators - Microsoft Flight Simulator. 

Latest layout of the airport is depicted in the scenery featuring all the changes that have been made recently to the airport.

The scenery also features terminal interiors, control tower interior, surrounding buildings and landmarks for VFR eye candy. Dive deep down into the Bay of Kotor and see those breathtaking landscapes youself. On your journey around the bay you'll find many interesting places to see, such as Bijela Brodogradiliste (Shipyard), Gospa od Škrpjela Church, Sveti Djordje Church, Notre Dame de la Miséricorde, Porto Montenegro and others.

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