XPLANE - Airport Environment HD Download - V.2.13

Airport Environment HD is a comprehensive object and texture replacement that aims to improve the look of all airports in X-Plane


This package replaces the following things:

  1. Runway and taxiway textures
  2. Blast pads, runway shoulders, skid marks
  3. Taxiway signs
  4. Apron lights, fuel tanks
  5. Baggage carts, cargo dollies with ULDs, GPUs, tractors and cargo trucks
  6. Painted ground signs, ramp markings
  7. Taxi lines
  8. Terrain textures on airport areas


Installation (Part 1):
  1. Go inside the “Part 1 (Texture replacement)” folder
  2. Copy all files and folders to “X-Plane 11/Resources/bitmaps/runways"

Installation (Part 1.5) – Optional step:
These are optional European runway numbers (leading zero for single digit numbers)

  1. Go inside the “Part 1.5 (Optional) - European runway numbers” folder
  2. Windows/Linux: Simply copy all folders to “X-Plane 11/Resources/bitmaps/runways”. They will be merged automatically
  3. OSX: Since OSX doesn’t merge folders by default, go inside the subfolders and copy all files to the respective folders in your X-Plane directory

Installation (Part 2):
  1. Go inside the “Part 2 (Scenery library)” folder
  2. Copy the “Airport Environment HD” folder into “X-Plane 11/Custom Scenery”

Installation (Part 3). X-Plane 11.34 and older ONLY. If you’re using X-Plane 11.35 or higher, do NOT do this step!

  1. Go inside the “Optional - Pre XP 11.35 Taxiway Signs” folder
  2. Copy “taxi.dds” and “taxi_LIT.dds” to “X-Plane 11/Resources/bitmaps/runways”
If you have previously installed an older version of Airport Environment HD, delete those folders from your "Custom Scenery" directory (AEHD_Ramps and AEHD_Taxilines)
For more detailed instructions, please check the included manual.

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