Update! Flight Simulator 2020 - KAVX Catalina Airport Scenery (ACE Clearwater Airfield) - V.1.1 [HD]

Mod includes:

(foxtrot-catalina Folder)

- Terraform to slope runway like the real thing. 

- Custom Terminal (faux) tower/shop/restaurant.

- Custom "Catalina Airport" Hangar.

- Custom California Palm Trees

- Custom Wood Fence by parking lot.

- Custom Avalon "Ballroom" round building. 

- Reworked ground textures.

- Updated runway to new Repaved version and updated all its markings. 

- Custom "Barrel" Segmented Circle.

- Custom Island Buffalo Herd found at 2 locations ( try and spot them!) 

- Added a few misc items to make it look more interesting. 

(kavx-aerial Folder)

- Replaces Bing Maps imagery with Google Earth Imagery on terrain around airport.

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