Flight Simulator 2020 - LKPR Vaclav Havel Airport Scenery, Ruzyne - V0.6.1 [HD]

What are the plans?:The vast majority of objects are so far created by autogen and each update will bring the replacement of these buildings with model ones.Currently, you will find all modeled buildings in the cargo zone, which are already in this version. And there is also a modeled tower with radar animation.

Next planned steps
1. Construction of the complete terminal 1 + 2 (I am currently modeling terminal 2 - v. 1.6.0). Delivery of own surface of stands, TWY and RWY (v. 1.6.5).
2. Terminal construction 3 (v. 1.7.0).
3. Construction of complete buildings at terminals 1 and 2 (v. 2.0.0 - v. 2.6.0)
4. Construction of all other hangars at the airport (v 1.8.0).
5. Construction of service buildings, Šestka shopping center, Industrial walls and surroundings (v. 1.9.0).

The first major update is coming with a much anticipated terminal.
This is version 0.6.1 and it contains a rough 1 + 2 terminal, which will be gradually improved with updates - Currently, a complete building is being built and basic textures are applied to it. I will gradually develop them. In the next update, stand markings will be added to buildings.
Furthermore, a complete guide line and the border of the stands were made. Between rings C and B, there are directions of stands and taxiways on the ground, so it will be gradually added throughout the airport. The cargo zone, including horizontal markings, was completed.
For now, the original jetway are left, which will be done with twy.
Again, I will be happy for support and feedback.

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