Flight Simulator 2020 - Monument Valley, Arizona-Utah Border - V.1.0 [HD]

This is Monument Valley scenery with a high level of detail, but still has some way to go.
Most of the famous sandstone buttes are included and were present in films like Back to the Future (Part3) & Forrest Gump.

  • West Mitten Butte
  • East Mitten Butte
  • Merrick Butte
  • Sentinel Mesa
  • Big Indian
  • Stagecoach
  • Brighams Tomb

Whilst the sandstone buttes are depicted in their warm red colours, there is a stark contrast with the default scenery so I will also be uploading a version in which the colour blends better, so you can take your pick.
I will be adding more buttes to the area soon.
To view the scenery, takeoff from Monument Valley Airport (UT25) and fly to the East.

Simply extract the file "monumentvalley" to your Community Folder.The file size is reletively small as I have only created scenery for each sandstone Butte.

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