Update! MSFS2020 - A320 NEO Black Cockpit Style Pack - V.3.0 [4 Variations]

A cockpit livery for the AIRBUS A320 NEO. 

  • - Black & Dark Beige
  • - Black & Light Beige
  • - Black & Creme
  • - Dark Grey & Light Beige
Update: 01.11.2020 - Uploaded a new version (0.5.x). I changed the grey for beige, so that the cockpit is now black and beige only. Glareshieldboard now is also black. Included again the flaps-placard and the clock decals from the FlyByWire-Mod (credits to them).
I left the old version (0.4.x) available for upload

- polished the materials so it looks better
- added a version with beige jump seats (B Version)  

I was tired of the old blue in airbusses cockpits. So I made this one. I included the text corrections and the flap speed placrd from the fly by wire A320 NX mod. Credits to them for that.

Simply unzip into the community folder, like other mods.


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