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Update! MSFS2020 - Bonanza G36 Turbo Mod - V.2.0

This mod is a Turbo version of the Bonanza G36 for Flight Simulator 2020

It is a comprehensive redesign of the flight model, engine and lighting and has six new liveries.

The turbo-aspirated Bonanza vastly increases the climb and cruise performance of the default Bonanza G36 and is based on turbo conversions available in the aviation industry for real Bonanza G36 and A36 owners. It is therefore not a fictional mod but faithfully re-creates the features and power of the turbo conversion.

New in V2

** Custom prop animations on start-up and shutdown (* please see note below)

** Less abrupt starting and shutdown

** Three additional liveries – now totalling nine

** More subtle nav/strobe lighting 

** Comprehensive suite of ambient lighting and enhanced reflections

** More elevator needed on landing flare and better slow speed handling

** Adjusted prop spool-up speed and more realistic engine reaction to inputs

** Flight model improvements

** Improvements to suspension and ground handling

** Side slipping improved

** Maximum take-off weight increased to 4000 lbs as standard with Turbo kits (*see note 2)

** Guide now includes section on EGT/temperature management

Note* Though the prop animations have been improved, the default prop template rather abruptly stops the propeller as it reaches very slow speed. This appears to be hard-coded and at this time I cannot find a way to improve it. However the prop start-up and shutdown animations are a significant improvement in V2.

Note 2* The increased all up weight to 4000 lbs is FAA approved and is a consequence of both the added weight of the turbo installtion and the fact that the turbo increases performance. However the climb rates in the tables further down this document are for a payload that is the standard Max of 3650 lbs. If you add extra load to the max 4000 lbs then expect approximately 100 feet per minute lower climb rate.

Fixed issues reported and discovered

1. Depending on fuel load, Bonanza would be unstable on some surfaces: fixed.

2. Mixture control settings would cause occasional instability in flight model: fixed

3. High altitude airports caused ground instability : fixed

4. Flap detente lights not working: fixed

5. Beacon and strobe lighting would “leak” into cockpit creating a distraction : fixed

6. C of G moved in order to provide better ground stability with any payload

Included are:

* Re-mapped turbo-powered engine for stunning performance

* Six custom liveries.

* Brighter navigation and strobe lights

* Ambient wing lighting

* Brighter and much longer range landing & taxi lights

* Subtle light reflections on tarmac surfaces

* Re-positioned and re-calibrated interior light for better visibility

* Better suspension and landing gear handling on the ground.

* Adjusted wheel brakes for easier differential brake-turning

* Elimination of twitchy rudder on the ground and take-off run

* Full steering angle at low speeds yet controllable at high speeds

* Rock steady autopilot at normal simulator speed at all altitudes

* Elimination of random twitchy behaviour in non turbulent conditions

* Temp gauges more realistic

* More accurate fuel flow

* Engine changed to 6 cylinders with correct displacement

* Elimination of “baked in” artificial oscillations that are not weather related

* Elimination of artificial movement not related to landscape or air mass

* Harmonised and balanced controls with no pitch bobbing up and down

* Accurate aileron authority and roll rates at all airspeeds

* Proper spins rather than the default spiral dive

* Full side slip capability with up to 33 degrees slip angle

* Correct climb rates and cruise speeds for the turbo version

* A complete overhaul of flight dynamics

* Compatible with Working-Title's G1000 mod

How to install this mod :

Please read the included PDF or RTF for

full instructions & detailed, illustrated guide.

Using this mod will convert the default FS2020 Bonanza G36 into a turbo-aspirated aircraft with much higher climb rates and cruise speeds than the default aircraft. Included are also five custom liveries.

To install, extract the “Bonanza-Turbo-V1” folder of the zip file into your FS2020 packages\community folder.

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