MSFS2020 - EGAR - Rothera Research Station Scenery - Antarctica - V.1.0

EGAR - Rothera Research Station is a permanent British base in Antarctica. Rough weather and a short 900 meter gravel runway make this a very challenging airport to land at. In real life it is serviced by specially fitted Dash-7 aircraft.

This being my third project, I am still learning the SDK, but this is my most advanced project so far. It took a ton of terraforming and landscaping since Bing and OpenStreetMap are almost bare down there. Layout, features and services should be rather accurate, including PAPI on runway 180, though I am not sure if the angle is correct. Don't sue me if you crash land your plane, but feel free to comment if you have any ideas on how to improve it. :-) 

👉 For installation, just drop the unzipped folder into the community folder.


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