Update! MSFS2020 - Fixes And Enhancements For The Stock G3X Touch Avionics Package - V.0.1.8

Working Title GX Avionics

This is a *very* early version of a Working Title avionics package for the G3X and the G3X Touch.  Currently only the G3X Touch is supported.

This is shipped with an alternate and, IMHO, less ugly color scheme for the buttons.

If you prefer the stock look, you can simply remove or rename `html_ui\WorkingTitle\Pages\VCockpit\Instruments\NavSystems\AS3X_Touch\AS3X_Touch_Buttons.css`.


      • Fixed bug that could cause display issues in the same area as live traffic.


      • rebase onto new G3X code
      • apply improved styling
      • port over CAS and autopilot functionality


      • Fixed compatibility problems with FBW A320
      • Fixed nav map not drawing approach paths


      * Compatibility for 1.10.7

      * Button added for controlling wind data mode

      * Annunciations positions and styled

      * Automatic pitot heat simulated w/warning light.

      This later is hidden behind a feature flag.  To enable it, add `<AutoPitotHeat>True</AutoPitotHeat>` to the PFD block of your plane's panel.xml.

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      1. Hello. how do i install this?

      2. I'm confused here... It says it is Working Title's G3X but the version on their site is only 0.1.0 while here it says 0.1.8 and is older?!


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