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Update! MSFS2020 - Flight Simulator 2020 Landing Rate Analysis Monitor - V.1.0

In game landing analysis for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.


The landing rate should now reflect the landing rates calculated in-game, in the landing challenges.

It is read from the sim directly.


Note: If you are from a non-US region, there's a chance that the log file is messed up (if the PC shows 1,25G (comma) instead of 1.25G (dot)). I'll fix this in the next version, but you'll lose the previous landings in the log.

How to update:

Delete the previous app folder, download the new zip, unzip, and run the new version.

This is a major release, so there might be some breaking changes. If it doesn't run, please revert back to 0.2.0, and report the problem here, on Reddit, or on

If you managed to download and "try" the 0.3.0 in the 2 mins it was up, let's pretend this didn't happen

New Features:

Nicer animations, works well on al Windows DPI settings.

You can choose the duration of the popup before the auto-close, or don't do auto-close at all

You can always revoke the popup with the last data, by going with the mouse in the top left part of the screen. A tiny line will be visible there.

There is now a landing history, stored in Documents\MyMSFS2020Landings-Gees as .csv file

Bug Fixes:

No more wonky layouts on different "Scale and Layout" settings. I moved the code from 2001 to 2020

There should not be a false landing triggered when you go back to the main menu in mid-flight.

How to Install/Use?

Download the latest release from here (Assets -> Unzip to your favourite location for MSFS2020 landing monitors, and start Gees.exe. You'll see a window like this in the bottom right.

The app itself runs in the background, and you can find this status window in the status trey, as this icon:

That's it. When you start the sim the app will automatically connect and when you land, you'll get a window similar to this slide out top-left:

How to Uninstall?

Delete the folder where the Gees.exe resides.

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  1. I cant download it.. is the link broken?