Update! MSFS2020 - FS Steam Overlay 2020 App - V.1.0.1


At the time of writing the way Microsoft Flight Simulator is installed on your machine when you bought the Microsoft Store version prevents Steam from accessing the FlightSimulator.exe making it impossible to add it as Non-Steam Game, thus the Steam Overlay cannot be enabled. Also taking ownership of the Flight Simulator files does not work.

Therefore I created a workaround that makes it possible to add the Steam Game Overlay to the Microsoft Store version of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

It's based on "FSJumpStarter2020", so the intros and "press any key" screen are skipped automatically for you as well.

✔️ Finally use Steam with Microsoft Store version of Flight Simulator
👉 Automatically focuses the game window
👉 Works on single and multi-monitor setup
👉 Skips intros and "press any key" screen automatically
👉 Use steam web browser during flight

Added check to see if Flight Simulator is already running
Added check to see if Microsoft Store version of FS is installed
Improved Flight Simulator window detection
Now the app is shown in the taskbar
Increased failsafe timeout for slower PCs


  1. Download the latest FSJumpStarter2020 release and extract the zip file anywhere you like.
  2. Add "FSSteamOverlay2020.exe" as Non-Steam Game to your steam library.

Optionally rename the steam game:
Right click on FSSteamOverlay2020 in the steam library -> Properties -> change "FSSteamOverlay2020" into "Microsoft Flight Simulator" - This is what your steam friends will see when you start Flight Simulator via FSJumpStarter2020.

Optionally create a desktop shortcut:
Right click on FSSteamOverlay2020 in the steam library -> Manage -> Add desktop shortcut

  1. Start Microsoft Flight Simulator with the FSSteamOverlay2020 desktop shortcut or directly through steam.
  2. That's it. Hit "Shift+Tab" and enjoy the Steam Game Overlay!

Note: Always start Flight Simulator through steam or the desktop shortcut of FSSteamOverlay2020 to enable the steam game overlay. Also make sure .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher is installed as it's required to run FSSteamOverlay2020.

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