Update! MSFS2020 - Garmin G3000 Improvement Mod - V.0.3.4

Release Highlights (v0.3.2)

  • Fixed nav map not drawing approach paths.
  • Fixed PFD autopilot display not flashing appropriate warnings (e.g. when the autopilot is disengaged).

Release Highlights (v0.3.2)

Brought up to date with game patch (Update 6).

Improved compatibility with the WorkingTitle CJ4 mod.

Fixed an issue where on the navigational map, waypoints in a flight plan sometimes had missing labels.

City labels no longer appear in the weather radar screens.

Release Highlights (v.0.3.0)

Now fully compatible with the Cessna Citation Longitude.

The touchscreen controller UI style has been completely revamped through integration of StuTozer/ElectrikKar's Touchscreen Restyled Mod as well as numerous additional changes.

The MFD navigation data bar is now customizable.


[Misc] Display brightness is now saved between sessions for the TBM 930.

[PFD] The Terrain softkey no longer displays a value of "undefined".

[PFD] Terrain mode and DCLTR settings for the inset map now save correctly between sessions.

[TSC] Fixed an issue where the pressing the down button in the active flight plan page would cause a CTD under certain circumstances. Also generally improved the scroll behavior in the active flight plan page.

[NavMap] Fixed a bug where the track vector overlay would disappear under certain conditions.

[NavMap] Performance optimizations for the city display.

[NAVCOM] Fixed a bug where changing the ADF frequency in the touchscreen controller's Audio/Radio page would lead to unexpected changes in NAV frequencies.


Now compatible with game patch

This is a mod for MSFS2020 that aims to improve the in-game G3000. The goal is to bring functionality closer to the real-life G3000, with a focus on both features and layout/UI. Most of development and testing was done with the TBM 930, and the TBM 930 version of the G3000 pilot's guide was used as the primary reference. I made some effort into roughly approximating the layout and style of the UI itself, but I am not a graphics designer/UI artist, so I can only describe the results as passable, but not great.

This mod was created with cross-compatibility in mind. It modifies the minimum number of base files possible to achieve its goals, so it should be compatible with most other mods. However, because of the nature of the mod, it will conflict with other mods that make changes to the G3000.

NOTE: This version of the mod is not compatible with the Cessna Citation Longitude yet. So far development has been primarily focused on the TBM 930, which I believe is more "mature" than the Longitude with regard to vanilla functionality and feature-completeness. I plan to make the mod compatible with the Longitude in the near future. It's mostly just porting html/css stuff, so it should be relatively simple.


I recommend downloading the official release packages. If you want more up to date code, then you can always download snapshots of master or dev and build your packages directly from src/dev/working. master is usually pretty stable. dev is not guaranteed to be stable at all, but may be more up to date than master.

For your convenience, I've provided two different packages: msfs2020-G3000-enhanced-std and msfs2020-G3000-enhanced-tbm. At this point, I recommend downloading the -tbm version for several reasons. First, the -std version will break the Cessna Citation Longitude (if you don't have the Longitude installed you can safely ignore this point). Second, the -tbm version includes an extra feature for the TBM 930 (see below). The only downside of the -tbm version is that unlike the -std version, it modifies aircraft-specific files and therefore may have compatibility issues with other TBM 930 mods.

To install, copy msfs2020-G3000-enhanced-std or msfs2020-G3000-enhanced-tbm into your Community folder. To uninstall, delete the msfs2020-G3000-enhanced-xxx folder from your Community folder.

Release Highlights (v0.2.1)

Please refer to the changelog for a more detailed description of updates.

Fixed several compatibility issues with the WT G1000 mod.

You can now change PFD wind options while on the ground.

Performance optimizations.

Highlights for original v0.2.0

The G3000 mod is now integrated with the WorkingTitle ecosystem! This has allowed the addition of the following features:

Certain G3000 settings (including all newly added ones) are now saved across flights.

SVT toggle for the PFD.

Altimeter baro units toggle between IN HG and HPA.

More new navigational map features:

Added range ring/range compass overlay.

Map zoom behavior now more closely matches the real G3000.

Added ability to show track vector, altitude intercept arc, and fuel range ring.

Added city display backed by a worldwide 26,000-city database from simplemaps.

Toggle between none/absolute/relative terrain modes.

Auto-North Up.

Terrain colors on the navigational map have been changed to better match the real G3000.

Partial support for the Longitude: cosmetic changes only, no new functionality.

Bug Fixes:

Map scroll is no longer broken in HDG/TRK UP modes.

Release Highlights (v0.1.0)

Please refer to the changelog for a more detailed description of updates.

Initial public release!

You can now adjust screen brightness with the touchscreen controller. No more burned out eyes during night flights!

Many new features have been added to the navigational map (NavMap):

Change map orientation between Heading Up, Track Up, and North Up.

Maximum map range increased to 1000 NM.

Improved customization options for the display of map symbols (airspaces, airports, VORs, etc): toggle visibility and set maximum ranges for individual categories or use the DCLTR function to quickly clean up the map.

You can now sync map settings between the main navigational map (on the MFD) and the PFD inset maps.

There is now a weather overlay (NEXRAD style) for the PFD inset map.

The Audio/Radio page will now display ident codes for NAV1/NAV2 when tuned to the correct frequency.

Fixes for vanilla bugs:

MFD wind display now has the arrow pointing in the right direction.

-tbm version only: Made it so that the backlighting of the standby altimeter and airspeed indicator is controlled by the overhead Panel Lighting knob. This makes it so that every bit of lighting inside the TBM cockpit is adjustable (screens and associated buttons/knobs with G3000 digital control and everything else with the panel lighting knob).

Known Issues

[PFD] Co-pilot PFD softkeys are nonfunctional. (This is actually a vanilla game bug, but I'm including it because it's a pretty major one.)

[NavMap] Roads will be slow to draw on the navigational map at large map ranges.

[NavMap] The road overlay for the navigational map will sometimes fail to draw roads close to the aircraft, instead prioritizing roads farther away. This usually only happens when the map range is set to large values (>100 NM).


This is not a comprehensive list of planned features. It is simply an outline of the most immediate things I was planning to work on when this document was last updated.

[NavMap] Implement toggle and range setting for INT waypoint symbols.

[NavMap] Implement Auto-North-Up and Auto Zoom.

[NavMap] Implement compass/heading rose and range overlays for the main navigational map.

[NavMap] Allow toggling of terrain elevation data on the navigational map.

[Compatibility] Make this mod compatible with the Cessna Citation Longitude.


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  1. Garmin G3000 is super, but all liveries don't work with it.


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