MSFS2020 - Washington DC Landmarks Pack - V.2.0

This pack contains over 25 handcrafted models of Washington DC's most iconic landmarks.

What models are included in this scenery?

*are unlit at night
1. KDCX National Mall “airport” (starred on the world map) *
2. Capitol Building
3. Supreme Court Building
4. Library of Congress
5. Union (Train/Metro) Station
6. Botanic Garden Building
7. Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian
8. Smithsonian Air and Space Museum (the one on the National Mall, not the one near KIAD)
9. Hirshhorn Modern Art Museum
10.Smithsonian Arts and Sciences Building
11.Smithsonian Castle
12.National Gallery of Art – East Building
13.National Gallery of Art – West Building
14.Smithsonian Natural History Museum
15.National Archives
16.Smithsonian American History Museum
17.Smithsonian African American History and Culture Museum
18.Washington Monument
19.White House
20.WWII Memorial
21.Vietnam Veterans Memorial
22.Jefferson Memorial
23.Lincoln Memorial (Default sim model, but with added night lighting)
24.Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial
25.Arlington National Cemetery Memorial Amphitheatre*
26.Arlington National Cemetery Tomb of the Unknown Soldier*
27.United States Air Force Memorial
28.John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
29.*Bonus* Obelisco de Buenos Aires in Buenos Aires, Argentina (pretty much a replica of the
Washington Monument)

Installation Instructions
1. Locate your Microsoft Flight Simulator “Community” Folder (I just searched
“Community” in ‘My PC’ and found it that way)
2. Move the “srinivasman-washingtondc” folder into your Flight Simmulator
“Community” Folder
3. Start Microsoft Flight Simulator and start your flight at KDCX – National Mall (It is a
starred airport on the world map) for more, see Intro Flight

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