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MSFS2020 - XCUB Performance Improvement Mods Download - V.1.5

This is a realism mod. Our attempt to recreate a more accurate XCub flight experience. There are a few upgrades such as an auxiliary tank for long range flights and a larger 83" propeller.

Install instructions. 

Open the the downloaded zip file and copy the PERFORMANCE+ folder to Community. MOD Installed!

Update 1.5 

Changed the fuel pump annunciator to an advisory rather than a caution light. Kaosfere has also done some excellent work to implement a new mod specific to the G3X for the XCub. This is a complimentary addon to the XCub PERFORMANCE+ MOD. It can be downloaded below. He is laying the groundwork to make it a more complete experience. Use this update in combination with Working Title GX MOD Alpha 2. Some stall speeds have been modified and panel style and information updated. Engine gauges adjusted to match real world layout.

Update 1.4.3 Changed a flag in the aircraft.cfg file that caused the XCub to load incorrectly in MSFS version 1.9.3. Also corrected a bug that caused the XCub to engine start and takeoff at high speed.

Update 1.4.2 Changes the fuel burn, prop and engine scalars to match closer to real world performance.

Update v1.4

Modified CofG values.

CofG for AUX tank moved to more correct position.

Modified CG forward and aft limits.

Modified station load positions

G limits set to correct numbers

Fixed left and right main tank positions and total fuel. Was inadvertently set to 23GAL rather than 24.5 per tank with 1.5 unusable.

Modified G limits to match real world. Load safety factor remains unchanged.

Changed flap position 3 to 46 degrees from 45

Propeller pitch low end modified to 12.5 from 15

Modified fuel scalar to match more closely with the CC18/CC19

Stall speeds modified.

Changed best angle and best rate of climb.

Modified various surface areas to match the XCub.

Modified Pitch MOI to reduce rollover on ground.

Modified Aircraft length and wingspan to correct values.

Modified bank rate and speed and pitch. Should do more gentle turns. Limited to 20 degrees

Increase brake effectiveness.

Corrected A/C specifications while performance mod is installed.


Download Alpha 2 (Releasing Oct 3, 2020)

Update Alpha 2 adds wind indicator with ability to switch between styles. Relocated caution/warning annunciators to main display. Ability to cancel caution/warning by clicking the screen or the back button. Synthetic vision fixed. Button theme colors changed. Pitot heat now automatically turns on and simulates heat up below 7 Celsius!


Get the most out of your XCub by monitoring your fuel burn at altitude. Includes a cruise performance chart for PERFORMANCE+ MOD. Also critical weight and V speeds. Download v1.4

Update 1.4 Modified performance numbers based on PERFORMANCE+ v1.4.2

Update 1.3 Modified the chart to align with PERFORMANCE+ v1.4

Update 1.2.1 Combined Millibar conversion chart with performance.

Update 1.2 Updated to align with the G3X engine gauges mod.

Update 1.1 Updated a few cruise performance numbers to match with PERFORMANCE+ MOD v1.3.6. Also added a few notes.

Update 1.0.1 Clean stall speed 41 KTS not 40 KTS



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