Update! MSFS2020 - Autumn Mode For Trees - V.2.1

  • Patch for update #7 USA update.
  • Also made some color enhancement.
  • Just replace the fall folder in community folder with the new one.

This simple xml file will convert most trees all over the world into fall season colors.
It will have no impact on FPS or performance.

Must have to bring the beauty of fall into this amazing sim.

Replace the file attached and paste in:  user/appdata/local/packages/microsoftflightsimulator/localcache/packages/official/onestore/fsbase/vegetation

Make sure to make a backup copy of the file first

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  1. Thank you! works great just tested in the appalachian mountains and wow!!! beautiful i highly recommend you uploading this to flightsim.to so more ppl can enjoy!


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