Update! MSFS2020 - EGHC Lands End St Just Airport Scenery, UK - V.1.5 [4K]

Land's End is my second favouritest airport before St Marys on the Isles of Scilly and rather handily that's pretty much the only place it flies to. A geezer who works there told me that almost every single person passing through is overjoyed to be there and you can't really say that of most airports. 

As you may well have already guessed the in sim version was a skin-crawling insult with an autogen terminal even more far out than normal. This could no longer be tolerated. 

The apron has been erased and redone as have all the other ground textures. Ground markings have been improved. The car parks have been filled in. A reasonable approximation of the terminal has been magicked up. Detail has been amped up wherever possible and lighting has been applied. 

The original was plagued with taxi signs which have disappeared for me, though I did nothing to get rid of them. If you still get them please let me know along with anything else that sickens you. 

V 1.1 has had new runways fitted as there's no other way of adding landing lights of any sort, and there were none before. The site has been fenced off, you can't go wrong with a nice fence, and a couple of the terminal's details have been tweaked. 

V 1.2 Now has a verrry tasty replica of the terminal. Before I am hailed as a modelling genius I should point out I simply bloody bought it as 10 bucks vs 500 hours of screaming and wrestling seemed like one hell of a deal to me.

Why anyone would speculatively model this and put it up for sale is bleedin' mystifying - how many people in the world are building Land's End airport models right now? -  but, hey, I'll take it. 

I DID build a hangar or two all by myself. Or rather used a program to create it with a couple of clicks. But it was my finger doing the clicking so feel free to eulogise that. The Twin Otter model was nicked from 3D Warehouse and is by . H.

Other than that I've added paint to the grass runways to make them more visible. I really don't know how to figure out comprehensible taxi signs for them, and nor did Asobo of course. 

  • V 1.3 finally nails the terminal's glass. You can actually see through it now which I'm told is the point.  That's down to a hotshot named awood3d who solved that, not me.
  • V 1.5 removes a mysterious artefact and much improves the economy version that has no custom models or textures. 

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