Update! MSFS2020 - EGTE Exeter Airport Scenery, UK - V.1.4 [HD]

V 1.1 has a control tower added, the main apron parking spots changed from medium GA to large which is odd as I'm sure I did that already, swapping the runway numbers to the correct ends, more light, killing off the most stupid tower blocks surrounding the airport like the DPD one and a few other extra details added hither and thither. 

V 1.2 has filled in the entirety of the industrial estate. I've replaced that creepy static BAE 146 on the far side of the airfield with a dark cloud over it with a much more optimistic ERJ. The old runway starts have been deleted as they were interfering with the ability to choose one's end. A zero has been added to runway 08's number marking to make it super cool. 

V 1.3 is a quick fix of a very irritating bug I just noticed. Unless parking spaces are of a certain diameter they revert to their smaller designation so you lose the more advanced ground services when you save unless you change them back manually. Wasn't me, honest. 

Version 1.4

  • Terraform repair.
  • Taxi sign repair.
  • Apron tweaks.
  • Heliport improved.

EGTE Exeter is my nearest proper airport so I couldn't look myself in the mirror until it was saved from ignominy. 

The in sim airport has bizarre taxiways that have oozed all over clearly disused land and it has the usual blankness that we all know and love. 

This version has had the taxi system ripped out and rebuilt, erasing the rogue aprons, taxi routes and parking spaces and adding a more sensible set up with some north apron and grass parking along with the main apron. 

The ground markings have been removed and redone and some custom textures added. The non bonkers aprons have been erased and closer matches have been glued on. 

A ton of extra detail has been added including letting my increasingly deranged obsession with car parks run riot. The buildings and hangars on the opposite side of the airfield have been filled in. The industrial estate around the airport has been lit properly as it was pitch black at night, and of course the airport has too as that was near dark as well. 

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