MSFS2020 - Ground Services 2020 App - V.0.0.1

Ground Services 2020


Jetway interaction

Ability to call a fuel truck

Manual pushback control

Automated pushback (distance, turn direction, and angle of turn implemented) with automated parking brake option

Experamental: In Game Panel interface 

Planned Features

Doors page to open/close aircraft doors

Rudder pedal based pushback steering

More pushback planning options including the ability to save/load pushback plans

More ground services options if/when Asobo add them to the SDK

Optional audio feedback from ground services

Installation & Useage

Unzip the folder and run gs2020-server.exe then open a browser window to http://localhost:5000


This software shoudl be currently considered as BETA, there will be problems, however if anything goes wrong just turn it off and on again, this will fix most problems. If you're using the in-game panel sometimes the server can fail with an error such as:

OSError: [WinError -1073741648] Windows Error 0xc00000b0

If this happens restart the server but the in-game panel will not be usable for the rest of your flight sim session, you will have to fall back to using GS2020 in the browser.

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