Update! MSFS2020 - Improved Flight Physics - V.2.6 (A320NX, B747, C172, C152, CJ4, DA40, DA62, TBM930, DR400+)

They worked more real flight controls on the aircraft, test work on the sensitivities of ailerons and rudder, the stability achieved is unique, now when you test this more realistic configuration you will be able to enjoy the simulation much more. leave your stars and comments to improve more. Enjoy it

Version 2.6
  • Fixed poor surface control of the Cessna 152 in crosswind.
    Version 2.5
    • Improved handling and braking control of the A320 on the surface making it more realistic.
    • The "Flight_model" files are 100% applicable to Asobo and the "Flightbywire" project. The installation procedure is the same in both cases, the originals are overwritten by the file I gave them. Thank you very much and enjoy it, do not forget to like and rate my work once tested please.
      Version 2.2
      • The braking distance of the A320 was modified making it greater, since in its original version the braking distance was very short, already at the time of the "flare" the plane did not "float on the runway"
        Version 2.1
        • First installment of modifications of physics of the B787, the plane is more stable and manageable, in the final approach with full flaps the "nose down attitude" was corrected, I hope you enjoy it and I continue working with this model, thank you!

        Version 2.0
        • The legendary C172 SP Classic joins this package. smoothing of controls both pedals on the ground and all controls in flight, characteristics of real flights there are no false oscillations of the plane and the control of it is more real. Incredible approach.

        Version 1.8
        • Corrections in the pedal control, the version number 1.8 is still maintained
        • Added King Air 350

        Improved Physics Aircraft List  + TOTAL 19 Aircraft

        • Grand Caravan
        • A320
        • Bonanza
        • Cessna 152
        • Cessna 172
        • Cap10C
        • Citation CJ4
        • DA40NG
        • DA62
        • DR400
        • E330
        • Icon
        • TBN930
        • VL3
        • Xcub.
        • King Air 350
        • Cessna 172 SP

        First make a backup copy of the "Flight_Model" files which will be replaced in the following path:% AppData% Local \ Packages \ Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe \ LocalCache \ Packages \ Official \ OneStore. Select the path within the aircraft file until you find the "flight_model" once the backup is done, copy and paste the "flight_model" file you downloaded. For now, there are 15 upgraded aircraft and I am working on a second installment. I know that replacing the files is probably laborious at first, but trust me it's worth it.

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