MSFS2020 - LIBO Aviosuperficie Il Picchio - Borgo Ticino - V.1.0 [4K]

LIBO - Aviosuperficie "Il Picchio" - Borgo Ticino (ITALY)

This is the most accurate replica I could achieve of the private airstrip "Il Picchio" based in Borgo Ticino (Italy) at the very entry point for Northwest passage of Italian Alps. This is situated at the door of the Mt. Rosa mountain range, which dominates the view between Valle D'Aosta (Vallée d'Aoste).

The airstrip itself consist of 2 parkings beside the South end, and 2 parkings beside the North end (which aren't there IRL but it felt like a good place) under a modern shed.

The runway is supposed to be LANDING ONLY on 36 (south final), and TAKEOFF ONLY on 18 (departure South) (Now set up into the game) in ONLY 400m.

It's a pretty challenging take off, due to the STOL layout, on a 400m (1312 feet) long runway, ending just before the side of a hill which delimitates the Golf Course inside.

It can be tricky to take of, if not impossible, with the wrong plan


ACCURATE REPLICA - Achieved via on-place recon and many pictures.

STUNNING LAYOUT PRECISION - This has been modeled referencing every single inch of ground. The Golf Course have been recreated too!

DILIGENTLY MODELED - Almost all models are HANDMADE, but the characters and animations (I ain't that skilled, yet)

LANDMARKS QUALITY - The Point of Interest are NOT just a spot on the map. They have been MODELED TOO, from the ground up!

ANIMATED CHARACTERS - The airport has some animated characters, also a custom one (MORE TO COME!) to bring life to the airport activity!

NEARBY POINTS OF INTEREST - Which for now includes the beatuiful Arona's Lakeview and St. Charles Borromeo statue. MORE TO COME!

GROUND CORRECTION - The whole ground has been recorrected to match the best I could the actual ground in the airstrip and its surroundings


SATELLITE IMAGERY REDONE - Using only BING Maps and Photoshop for color correction, with the higher detail I can achieve

MORE LIFE - It has been an hard task to import just ONE animated character, and It's a long road ahead, but they will come!

MORE POINTS OF INTEREST - Like Angera's Castle are in the work. Might take time, it's a BF Building, but It will come!



Simply drag and drop the NOBRT - Losco-Arona-Il-Picchio folder in the "Community" folder of your MSFS installation

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