MSFS2020 - Linz City Landmarks, Austria - V.1.2.1 [High Resolution]

First version of landmarks in my home town Linz in Austria.
Starting with the newly extended "Vöstbrücke" across the Danube river I'm planning to bring some of the most recognized buildings to MSFS. I modeled the bridge in Blender based on GIS data available, due to the old satelite image data used in MSFS 2020 the briidge does not correspond 100% with the sat image data anymore, which leads to some inconsistent placing of the auto-generated road. Road traffic across the bridge is generally working. No Google data was used.

This is just the beginning as I'm planning to update and expand the scenery over time. Follow this project if you want to get notified about updates :-)

Currently included:
  • Vöstbrücke (v 1.1)
  • Bruckner Tower (v 1.2)

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