MSFS2020 - LKKV Karlovy Vary International Airport Scenery, Czech - V.1.1 [4K]

Karlovy Vary International Airport LKKV

International airport in the city of Karlovy Vary in the west of Bohemia.This is the first version (0.5), where the original buildings and lighting poles built by me are inserted. The airport is intuitively lit for night traffic and you will also find little things like a flashing orange lighthouse on the automatic gate.
Gradually, I will finish the details and possibly modify the objects.

- 1. Built Runway with real markings and lighting, including approach lights. Also completed a turn sign at the end of lane 29 for backtrack.

- 2. Position of taxiways and their real marking.

- 3. Rebuild Apron and add a stand according to real.

- 4. Repaired the tower according to the real reconstruction.

- 5. Added marking of stands Apron M.

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