MSFS2020 - LSKS Solenzara Air Base Scenery, France - V.1.2

This package includes:
- ATC and ILS when available as published on the French SIA website.
- PAPIs as published (position and pitch)
- Approach, Runway, taxilight Lights as published
- Taxi signs are accurate
- An aerial which is the sattelite view of the ground (v2.0 and higher)

- This package is Navigraph compatible, no runway duplication, SID and STAR from navigraph available
- since MSFS update, multiple aerials can be deployed in the same CGL area
- please do not forget to remove any old installation of the same airport in your "Community" folder

Download the zip (aerial and airport package) and unzip them within your MS Flight Simulator Community folder.
- "Aerial' package is the satellite ground picture
- "Airport" package is the airport structure

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