MSFS2020 - LVGZ Yasser Arafat International Airport Scenery, Gaza - V.1.2 [HD]

V 1.1 includes 

- Sorting out the AI pilot which now lands, takes off and taxis properly, but it's not very enthusiastic about it. Luckily I inadvertently added a ski ramp at the end of the runway which is the only thing that launches an airliner in the air. 

- Completed the fencing. 

- Added better lines, gave up on a couple of others.

-I found a Palestinian government diagram revealing a couple of extra taxiways which weren't in the other diagram I worked off. These have been added. 

V 1.2 includes

- Adding proper ATC. 

- Adding taxi signage. 

- Erasing and starting all the ground markings again from scratch. It now looks like an actual airport. 

- Adding plenty more detail. 

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