[Simulator News] Dreamflight Studios Launches Daniel Oduber Quiros Airport for MSFS

Dreamflight Studios  announced  today  on Facebook the release  of Obuder Quiros Airport  MRLB for Microsoft Flight  Simulator  .

The scenario  was originally  made  for P3D and , like  many  other scenarios  , it is being redone  for the new  simulator  .

The stage  , which launched  today  , has a host  of features  such as updated  terrain  and terminal  designs  , extensive  use  of PBR materials  , sloping  terrain  , animated  walkways  , realistic  building  rendering  , and more .

The airport  can be purchased  at simMarket for 11  . 99  here .

Daniel  Oduber Quirós International  Airport  is located  in Costa  Rica and serves  the city  of Liberia  , in addition  to being primarily  a tourist  center  .

The airport  also  connects  Costa  Rica with the Pacific  coast  .

The airline  has operations  of large  American  airlines  such as Delta  airlines  , as well  as larger  European  airlines  such as KLM and TUI , which connects  the city  of Liberia  with Europe  .

Characteristics  Terminal  expansion  updated  from 2020 .

Updated  floor  design  Extensive  use  of PBR materials  Sloping  terrain  Animated  custom  walkways  Realistic  representation  in buildings  Static  aircraft  customized  with PBR New  models  737 , a320 Inside  the terminal  Realistic  night  lighting  Custom  clutter  objects  Custom  Taxiway  Signs  Highly  optimized  for a smooth  experience.

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