[Simulator News] Simbreeze Düsseldorf MSFS Released

Simbreeze mostly designed sceneries in the Middle-East region of the world, out of Tenerife and Rheinland.

Among the new products launched this week, this team released their second title for MSFS featuring the German airport of Dusseldorf EDDL with PBR effects, night lighting and snow textures for winter season.


Over 24 million passengers a year, the A380 can be handled here, the third largest airport in Germany and two Runways make the Dusseldorf airport.

For the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, the airport is an important international hub and is located in the north of Dusseldorf. The runways have a length of 3000m or 2700m and are therefore suitable for large aircraft. An A380 can also be operated here at a special gate.

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