Update! MSFS2020 - VFRMap Enhanced App - V.1.2

If you think that the default VFR map is too simple, this is your addon.
A map to view OpenStreetMap from within the simulator. Ideal and essential to not lose the immersion when flying in VR.

The world map include all VOR and reporting points of Spain for a comfortable VFR flight. VOR frequencies and name of reporting points will be shown when you hover the mouse over them.

You just have to unzip the .zip in the Flight Simulator Community folder, just like all plugins.
When you start the flight you will see a new option in the options panel, with the Cessna picture. Click on it and the map will open. If it opens with a reduced size, resize the window with the mouse and it will save the position and the size for the next times you use it.

Version 1.2
  • Compatibility issue fixed.
  • Crashes fix.

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