Update! MSFS2020 - Your Controls Shared Cockpit App - V.2.7.4

Shared Cockpit for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.


  • Frequent and smooth position updates through linear interpolation
  • Transferable controls
  • Configurable aircraft files to sync most switches/knobs
  • Synchronzied button presses on FMCs/GXXXXs

The following aircraft have config files:

  • FBW A32NX Stable + Dev
  • Cessna 152
  • Cessna 172 G1000
  • Diamond DA40
  • Diamond DA62
  • Pitts
  • TBM 930
  • XCub
  • Icon A5
  • DR400
  • - Added Bell 407 by Microsoft & Nemeth Designs (v0.2.1).
  • - Added Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet G2 by FlightFX (v1.2.0).
  • - Added Curtiss JN4 Jenny by Microsoft & iniBuilds (v1.1.2).
  • - Added Douglas DC-3 by Microsoft & Aeroplane Heaven (v1.0.4).
  • - Added DHC-2 Beaver by Microsoft & Blackbird Sims (v1.0.2).
  • - Added Grumman G-21A Goose by Microsoft & iniBuilds (v1.1.2).
  • - Added Hughes H4 Hercules by Microsoft & Bluemesh (v1.1.3).
  • - Added PAC P-750 XSTOL by ORBX (v1.0.1).
  • - Updated Aeroplane Heaven C140 to v1.5.0.
  • - Updated Aerosoft DHC-6 Twin Otter to v1.1.1.
  • - Updated Carenado PC-12 to v1.1.0.
  • - Updated DC Designs Concorde to v1.0.6.
  • - Updated FlyByWire A32NX (Stable) to v0.9.1.
  • - Updated FlyByWire A32NX (Dev/Exp) to December 24, 2022.
  • - Updated Flysimware C414AW Chancellor to v3.2.3.
  • - Updated Headwind A339X to v0.3.1.
  • - Updated LatinVFR A319ceo to v1.0.7.
  • - Updated LatinVFR A321neo to v1.2.10.
  • - Updated Microsoft Bonanza V35 to v1.6.0.
  • - Updated Microsoft Junkers Ju 52 to v0.1.9.
  • - Updated Milviz C310R to v1.1.9.
  • - Updated Milviz PC-6 to v1.1.2.
  • - Updated Salty Simulations 747-8i (Dev) to December 4, 2022.
  • - Updated SimSkunkWorks TF-104G Starfighter to v3.3.1.
  • - Updated SimWorks Studios Kodiak 100 II & III to v1.4.0.
  • - All aircraft: Removed unsettable circuit failure variables.
  • - All Carenado: Re-enabled tablet button sync of pilot models.
  • - Aerosoft DHC-6: Fixed cabin general, reading, emergency, and FO ceiling lights.
  • - Aerosoft DHC-6: Fixed cockpit caution, entrance, and skydiver day/night lights.
  • - Big Radials JRF-6B: Fixed manual fuel pump lever.
  • - FlyByWire A32NX: Attempted to fix glitching SPD selection.
  • - FlyByWire A32NX: Fixed desync of ISIS SPD/ALT bugs.
  • - Flysimware C414: Fixed tablet fuel tank spam.
  • - Milviz C310: Fixed tablet dirt level spam.
  • - Milviz C310: Fixed tablet fuel tank spam.
  • - Milviz PC-6: Fixed trapdoor open/close.
  • - Parallel 42 Kitfox: Fixed pilot & copilot doors.
  • - SimSkunkWorks TF-104G: Fixed missing fuel sync for center & tip tanks.
  • - Fixed typo with COM RECEIVE ALL.
  • - Added support for NAV3 and NAV4.
  • - Added support for rotorcraft.

  • Added Savoia-Marchetti S.55 & S.55X by Microsoft (v1.5.3).
  • Added Tecnam P92 Echo by Erasam (v1.5).
  • Corrected aircraft-dependent profiles for latest name changes. (e.g. Heavy Division 787)
Aircraft Fixes
  • Asobo Longitude: Added more payload to support Dakfly mod.
  • FlyByWire A32NX: Reverted some changes that broke AP knobs in last update.
    • Updated VCockpit.js for Sim Update V
    • Support latest switch changes to the A32NX Development version
      • use_calculator on a var: event will now set the parameter as well
      • a custom on_condition can be specified for toggleswitches that use local vars
        • Fixed a crash that could occur when trying to write a REALLY BIG floating point number
          • Fix A32NX Development batteries, spoilers, FCU, flaps, flight controls on ECAM not updating
          • Fixed lights on the DV20
            • Fixed issues with the FBW A32NX experimental throttles desynced, vertical speed mismatched, and rattling sounds
            • Synced emergency light on the WT CJ4
            • Synced doors on the MixMugz TBM930
            • Attempted to fix WT CJ4 FD/Range desync
            • Attempted to fix Airbus H135 starters desync
              • Resynced A32NX spoilers
              • Fix CJ4 autopilot altitude/heading selector issues
                • Actually synced A32NX flaps
                • Support WT CJ4 new master light knob
                  • Changed the window title to YourControls vX.X.X
                  • Fixed an issue where the heading indicator in the C152/172 would spin in circles
                  • Fixed an issue where the plane would jump around in altitude below 1000ft
                  • Added Aerosoft CRJ (DISCLAIMER: knobs do not sync well at all, it may be impossible to get the altitude selectors/radios synced)
                  • Added support for the Carenado M20R, JustFLight PA28, and mixMugz TBM930 (EFBs do not sync)
                  • Rewritten YourControls gauge to support unlimited local variables
                    • Synced A32NX APU bleed
                    • Prepare A32NX for when flybywiresim/a32nx
                      • Support new dev version of A32NX (APU/Electrical button syncage)
                      • Fixed an issue where the aircraft would be floating or through the ground on initial connection
                      • C152 - attempted to fix heading gyro desync
                      • WT CJ4 - fixed various desync
                      New Features
                      • Added an error message when the community package is not loaded in the simulator
                      • Fixed a script error in the frontend UI that would pop up when the external IP could not be fetched
                      • Fixed an issue where the number of clients connected would not update
                      • Fixed an issue where the UI would be delayed in loading the saved config
                      • Fixed an issue where the game would crash when transferring controls
                      • Fixed an issue where clients would get teleported to various locations when transferring controls
                      • Attempted to fix an issue where controls, switches, and avionics would stop working (gauge crashed)
                      • Attempted to fix an issue where some switches/key presses would get randomly dropped
                      • Fixed an issue where the selected altitude would reset when climbing and nearing the selected altitude
                      • Fixed pitch hold/autopilot leveler not syncing as intended
                      • Fixed the FLC, HDG, NAV, VNAV, VS on the WT CJ4 where it would not sync properly
                      • Fixed nav radios not syncing properly
                      • Completely refactored the JS side of things
                      • A32NX Coffee
                      • A32NX EFB Textboxes (ensure you have the same A32NX version)
                      • Time (on initial connection)
                      • Fuel
                      • Speed when winds are mismatched
                      • Altitude when scenery is mismatched
                        • Fixed client disconnecting when NAV is activated on the CJ4
                        • Fixed an issue where brakes would still be depressed for others after releasing them
                        • Fixed multiple autopilot definitions conflicts on the WT CJ4
                        • Fixed off by one logic for the course and altimeter on the G1000s
                        • Fixed an issue where avionic presses would be triggered multiple times for clients
                        • Added C208B seatbelt signs/other INOP switches as an optional feature
                          • Attempted to fix an issue where the game would crash when transferring controls
                          • Attempted to fix an issue where clients would get teleported to various locations
                          • Attempted to fix an issue where position would not sync
                            • Fixed an issue where aircraft movement and throttle would not be synced.
                            • Small optimization of net code
                            New Features
                            • Network Stats! See how much network YourControls is using and if there is any packet loss detected.
                            • Cloud Host Did port forwarding and Cloud Server not work with you? Well this new option gives you the opportunity to get connected without any other setup! Currently the server resides in the USA so latency is the biggest issue if you choose to use this connection method.
                            • Note: Currently, the number of connections to the server is capped at 100,
                            • A32NX clicking the priority button on the joystick will now forcibly take control.
                            • The person connecting to the server no longer has to select a definition file! The server will send their copy over to the client hassle-free
                            • New clients will no longer start as an observer
                            • You can now set a keybinding to transfer controls to, and take controls from the 1st person on the connection list! Go into the controls menu, and bind a key combo to LAUNCH BAR SWITCH TOGGLE.
                            • Streamer Mode - Hides your IP after connecting.
                            • New connections as observer - New connections will not be able to manipulate switches.
                            • Reworked interpolation - syncs position/rotation data more reliably
                            • UPnP is now it's own setting. Check the Log.txt if you need to see if UPnP worked or not and why.
                            • The default port has now been changed to 25071.
                            Bug Fixes
                            • Clicking the CDI button on the G1000/G3000 will no longer throw it off sync
                            • Fixed an issue where MCDU scratchpad inputs would be out of order. For example, typing KBOS would sync KOBS sometimes.
                            • FD drift has been fixed (only if winds are the same for all people)
                            • Fixed an issue where transferring controls would lead to an unrecoverable dive
                            Indicated Airspeed
                            FBW A32NX EFB, Printer, APU, New Radios
                            Engine N1/N2/ITT/torque
                            Engine oil temp/oil pressure
                            More precise radio syncing (you can now increment by 0.05MHz)

                            New Aircraft
                            • Experimental FBW A32NX
                            • Mrtommymxr DA40NGX
                            • Mrtommyxr DA62X
                            • SaltySimulations 747-8
                            • TheFrett Bonanza G36
                            • WorkingTitle CJ4
                            • Asobo Extra 330LT
                            • Asobo Boeing 747-8i
                            • Asobo Boeing 787-10
                            • Asobo Airbus A320 Neo
                            • Asobo Mudry Cap 10
                            • Asobo Cessna 152
                            • Asobo Cessna 172 Steam
                            • Asobo Cessna 208B
                            • Asobo CJ4
                            • Asobo CTLS
                            • Asobo Diamond DA40NG
                            • Asobo Diamond DA40TDI
                            • Asobo Robin DR400
                            • Asobo DV20
                            • Asobo Bonanza G36
                            • Asobo Baron G58
                            • Asobo KingAir 350
                            • Asobo Cessna Citation Longitude
                            • Asobo Cirrus SR22
                            • Asobo Pipistrel Virus SW1221
                            • Asobo Zlin Savage Cub
                            • Asobo Zlin Savage Shock
                            • Asobo Aveko VL-3 Sprint
                            Known Issues
                            • Having differing weather will cause differences in indicated altitude and airspeed

                            • Added TRK/FPA & TCAS traffic switch in the A32NX
                            • Fixed an issue where switches/button presses from the copilot wouldn't sync instantly, but would be synced along with any other packets that got dropped upon pressing a button

                            A manual installation is not included with the releases anymore. Please use the latest installer to get this release. If it doesn't open, install the Webview Runtime.
                            It's recommended you tick the option for Clean Install when you install the new version, otherwise you'll have 3 files labelled A32NX.

                            An awesome release that adds an option to use Cloud Server instead of port forwarding/using a VPN client, and eliminates conflicts with other mods by default. Hoping to fix some autopilot issues and smoothen out position updates even more for the next update.

                            • Mixture/Prop can now be controlled by both PM and PF in all aircraft
                            • Yoke/Throttles will reset to the host's position when moved
                            • H events are now received from JS via a websocket, which removes the need for defining H events manually (might support #34 automatically?)
                            • Touch screen buttons in avionics are now automatically detected
                            • Toe brakes synced
                            • Ground speed synced (corrected for wind)
                            • Sync elevator/aileron positions

                            • Switch from TCP to UDP, implemented UDP hole punching for P2P connections
                            • Switch from JSON to MessagePack
                            • Fixed UPNP SSDP not broadcasting correctly, which should fix UPNP failing randomly
                            • A client can no longer connect to a server that does not have the same version as they do

                            • Active Aircraft is no longer saved to ensure that the correct aircraft gets selected
                            • External IP now shown on the UI
                            • Take Control button added for the host to force taking back control (#31)
                            • Clients will now start as observers
                            • WASM gauge moved to a standalone module (#57, #49)
                            • The program will now look for files relative to its path rather than from the path where it was launched from

                            • radios are value-synced on initial connection only now, relies on events for perfect synchronization
                            • attempted to fix by removing sync of PLANE HEADING DEGREES GYRO
                            • Fixed a bug where the batteries on the A32NX could get desynced

                            New Aircraft
                            • Icon A5
                            • DR400

                            Known Issues
                            • AP flight director drifting off course
                            • A32NX rattling sound in the air
                              • Fixed white screen issue some computers were having by switching to MSHTML

                              • Fixed Pitts/XCub not syncing position
                              • Support new A32NX dev where most future A32NX updates will not be broken by YourControls
                              • Download and run the installer.
                              • If the installer does not open for you, you'll need to install Webview2.


                              Ensure everybody has the same navdata, scenery, and weather installed.

                              Launch MSFS, select the same aircraft and spawn location. Do NOT enable multiplayer unless you're on different servers.

                              Once everyone has spawned in, start up the included .exe file. Do NOT run as administrator.

                              In Settings, under the header Active Aircraft, select the .yaml file associated with the aircraft you're flying (both server/clients should do this).

                              When a person connects, make sure to click the Observer button next to their name if you want them to be able to manipulate switches.

                              Hoster (designate one person to run):

                              Try all of these options in this order, until one works for you. Cloud Server does not have a 100% success rate. If you fail to connect using this method, try having another person host, but ultimately you'll have to fall back on the other methods.

                              Cloud Server

                              Click Start Server
                              Give the provided session code to the joiners.

                              Click Start Server
                              Enter any port, or leave the default 7777 if unused.
                              Give your External IP, and the port to the joiners. If an error occurs, your router may be incompatible with UPnP, or does not have it enabled. You'll need to login into your router to enable it. More information below.

                              If you have a IPv6 address, you can simply give that along with the port to the joiners.
                              UDP port forward either 7777 or the specified port in the application. If port forwarding is not an option, look into using Hamachi.
                              Click start server.
                              Joiners: If given a Session Code, click Cloud Server, paste code, and click Connect

                              If given an IP, confirm with the hoster whether it is IPv4 or IPv6, enter port, and click Connect


                              To transfer control, navigate to the Connections tab, find your partner's name and click Give Control.

                              Example Method "Setup FlyByWire A32NX with Your Controls on VATSIM"
                              1. Make sure both Captain and Co-pilot have the same A32NX version (DEV or STABLE) installed.
                              2. MSFS Multiplayer settings should be the same as usual on VATSIM (Group Flight, no AI, Live Weather).
                              3. Load your flights with the same plane, airport, and gate/ramp.
                              4. Run Your Controls .exe file, one of you makes the server, and the others connects to it.
                              5. The one who made the server is PILOT FLYING, controlling the aircraft by default.
                              6. PILOT FLYING can give the aircraft control to the other pilot by choosing GIVE CONTROL.
                              7. PILOT FLYING connects to VATSIM using callsign, for example here, AAL123, aircraft type A20N, and files a flight plan.
                              8. PILOT MONITORING connects to VATSIM using callsign AAL123A, with same aircraft type A20N, and check that “shared cockpit mode (observer mode)” is on. Do NOT file a flight plan.
                              9. A third pilot can join the jumpseat by connecting to VATSIM using callsign AAL123B, aircraft type A20N and checking “shared cockpit mode (observer mode)” on. Do NOT file a flight plan.
                              10. Voice connection between the crew is not supported at the moment, so you will need a separate program for this.
                              File Size : 3 MB - Upload Address : Google Cloud - Download Speed : Unlimited

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