MSFS2020 - PushbackZoomer Voice Commands App - V.1.0

This little utility is entirely controlled by speech recognitzion.

The purpose is to control the aircraft movements on the ground in the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 just by speaking commands to the virtual pushback tug driver. You can simpy start talking to the pushback driver by saying e.g. "ground from flightdeck". The virtual pushback driver will then start a dialogue which will only end once your are pushed back to the airport apron.

  • - Voice recognition
  • - Synthetic Speech responses
  • - Intelligent state sensing, in order to provide a seamless experience.
  • - More than 1.8 million possible conversations between the pilot and the virtual pushback tug driver.
  • - Supporting realistic pushback on MSFS airports.
  • - Cool experience replacing the cumbersome default pushback handling.
  • Freeware (also no-adds) Windows 10 app
  • Distributed via the Microsoft Store, was well as a *.msix file (packaged Windows app) from freeware portals
  • Zero-controls GUI
  • The only feedback, that the GUI provides, is the connection state to the sim via SimConnect (GUI in grey = idle / GUI colored = connected)
  • Minimal resources footprint. By intelligent context sensing, the app only activates voice recognition during phases, when a pushback could occur. For the rest of the flight, the app will be running idle.
  • Speech commands in english only
  • Speech commands follow the real world protocol as much as possible.
  • Freely spoken commands are not understood, but the phrases need to match a set of predefined commands (see list of minimal commands below).
  • A healthy number of variations is supported both for spoken phrases as well as for the responses.
  • Depending on the mood of the virtualpushback driver, the conversation will have a different character. For every pushback any of the moods TightLipped, Formal or Expressive will randomly be applied to our virtual pushback driver.
  • Literally hundreds of millions of different conversations with the pushback driver are possible.
  • Robust speech recognition, even as non-native English speaker I easily get confidence values of 0.95 or more
  • Any action can be canceled by saying “no, no, no”, if something was not understood correctly by the speech recognizer.

This is the minimal set of commands:
  • Ground from flightdeck -> Start the converstion

  • Brakes released -> Confirmation that the parking brakes have been released

  • Turn <right | left> -> Requests a 90° turn to the right or left

  • Turn <right | left> by degrees -> Requests a turn by the specified angle to the right or left

  • Turn facing <north | east | south | west> -> Requests a 90° turn, the direction is derived from the cordinal direction

  • Stop turning -> Stop turning and continue with current heading

  • No, no, no -> Cancel started action

  • Stop pushback -> Terminate the pushback

  • Brakes set -> Confirmation that the parking brakes have been set

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