Update! MSFS2020 - VNST Simikot Airport Scenery, Nepal - V.1.4 [4K]

These add-ons and materials have been added to our page with the written permission and request of the mod maker.
Simikot Airport (IATA: IMK, ICAO: VNST) is a domestic airport located in Simikot[1] serving Humla District, a district in Karnali Pradesh in Nepal. It is the main tourist gateway on the Nepalese side to the Mount Kailash and Lake Manasarovar. As road access in this area of Nepal is weak, the airport facilitates travel in the whole district of Humla.

The airport resides at an elevation of 9,246 ft (2,818 m) above mean sea level. It has one runway which is 549 m (1,801 ft) in length. The runway has recently been improved and extended with more infrastructure being built.

As a result of this construction the parking facilities and terminals also have seen some improvement. Pilgrims and Trekkers bound for Lake Manasarovar and Mount Kailash in China's Tibet Autonomous Region fly into Simikot and proceed to the international border at Hilsa on foot[4] or by helicopter.

On 23 June 2011, Tara Air Dornier Do 228 9N-AGQ was substantially damaged in a heavy landing and runway excursion. The aircraft was operating a cargo flight from Nepalgunj Airport.

WHAT'S NEWS in 1.4
  • +ALL
  • It was a very long job.
  • redone the entire airport
  • added items
  • added houses
  • redone the textures
  • change runway slope
    WHAT'S NEWS in 1.3
    • +after SU5 i just open the scenery and save with the SU5 update
    • +add some rocks
    • +add Sdr scenery pack model (barrel, house, cargo packs ecc ecc)
    File Size : 220 MB - Upload Address : Google Cloud - Download Speed : Unlimited

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